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10-24-2006, 08:29 PM
hello! my name is sheena and i've been diagnosed with SLE for almost 2 years. it's been a looong process of learning and acceptance. well, not sure if i've fully accepted it yet. :) but i'm working on that!

i've had three biopsies, 2 blood trasfusions, many hospitalizations and a partial hip replacement...at 21. i'm sure alot of you are very familiar with that sort of thing though. LOL what is my response to it all..? wow! prednisone sucks! BUT i could be dead..so, it's not all bad! haha!

anyway! i'm a pretty antisocial person since i was diagnosed. i don't really favor the company of many of my old friends..mostly because they just don't understand my situation. i have a feeling that they just believe i'm complaining to get attention. one of the reasons i stopped hanging out with them. i'm joining this forum for a place to vent and chat it up with people who actually understand how i feel! i know only a few people with lupus..but none in my area. they're all from MySpace. lookin for some support and new friendship. :D

10-25-2006, 07:30 AM
and welcome! I think it's hard for anyone who doesn't live with a chronic illness to really understand what it's like, so forums like this are a lifeline for most of us. Feel free to vent about anything you want, as you will see from the posts in Lauri's Lounge, there are lupies here from all parts of the world, and we talk about a lot of things including lupus - it's not quite myspace but pretty fun.