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10-20-2006, 10:17 AM
I just posted under newbie ( here not to SLE) and wrote part of this i nthe intro-- but itapplied for opldtimers as well as newbies so here goes:

Regarding the SEDIMENTATION RATE ( Sed Rate, ESR). It is exactally what it says-- the cells migrating to the bottom of a straw is measured-----It is the easiest test to run in the world ( a 2 years old does it when they sip up a straw and use their finger to close the end holding the liquid inside-

It is a great screening when you have an idea of your numbers. Autoimmune, viral, etc can be indicated. It is not a definaing answer ot tests but for screening, I think it is great- not much to interpert---My normal runs 30-40 and has gone to 80's when in crisis ( relapse before upping meds) (normal can be 0-15, 0-20 depending on the lab abd the WAIT now here is the info I posted

HINT: If you go for a SED RATE (aka ESR) do NOT go to a lab drawing station (where they ship it out for testing) go to a hospital-------- This is one test that cannot sit or else you would get the wrong results. The test is easy to describe-- they suction up your blood into a glass straw with measurements. They wait for the cells to start to separate ( cells-serum) and after an hour VOILA your result!!! ( the line where the separation is) If the blood sits for a long time, awaiting processing the cells start to break down. People think if they go to the lab the same time every time for the test and it is sent out things will be fine, but who knows how long the tube sites the cells wait and what time the test is set up, most big labs wait or do them on 3rd shift, even stats do not get done immediately, they have to be transported, then processed before they hit the tech who might or might not set it up immediately-- you still lost over a few hours in testing)

When you go to the lab and you get a lab tech with a brain (no comment) be sure to let them know it is RA/Lupus whatever and is should be run ASAP. Most hospital tech will give you that benefit and try to push it through. (also most of our tests do not have to be done fasting)

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10-20-2006, 10:23 AM
When you're a hard stick, there's nothing worse than constantly having to have blood redrawn because the specimen sat too long and clotted.