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09-28-2006, 03:30 AM
Hi fellow lupies.
The lupus haikus is a great thread. I think we all should try and contribute to it.
Maybe even pulish it as inspiration. :)

Well back to why i'm posting, As i'm a web developer, i spend 90% of the working day in front of the pc.
I find this drains me and my head starts throbbing, my hands turn red, and i just feel sluggish with a major headache.

I usually remedy this (a bit) with a sweet cooldrink.
however i need to know what this could be.
Is it my blood pressure ?

It has happened on other occasions away from the computer as well.

Please if anyone has experienced this i would like to know.

<desperate and worried/>

09-28-2006, 08:27 AM
Hi Morpheus:

Am no doctor so really don't want to comment on what your symptoms are but I can relay my own personal experience. I find that I too get a headache working on the computer for more than a hour or so. I'm not sure if it is the glare of the screen or what but as all I know is that it happens. I find that if I take a break and walk around and get physical in some way it usually disappears and then I can go back and start over. I'm not sure what your sweet drink is but if you are drinking lots of sugar laden beverages it usually will exacerbate a headache and not resolve the problem. Are you drinking lots of water during the day? Headaches are also often caused by dehydration and I find if my fluid intake isn't up I tend to get light headed and then get a headache.

Because you have such a sedentary job all day it might be wise to make sure you fit in some physical activity every day if you aren't already doing that. Everyone here knows that I am always tooting my horn about the benefits of water therapy/swimming etc. for lupies but that is one thing that really keeps me as well as possible . I find if I am not physical in some way every day I feel terrible and headaches are only one symptom.

Hope this info helps if not disregard it. Hope you find some relief soon and take care.

your friend beautifulbeluga

09-28-2006, 10:46 AM
Hi Morpheus,

I hope this note finds you feelin' better. I will echo what Beautifulbeluga says in addition, I finally bought a filtered screen for my monitor, and it has made TONS of difference regarding my eye strain. If you can find one I highly recommend you use it. I try not to stay at the computer screen for more than 45 minutes at a time, I either find another small project close by - or just take a walk to get a glass of water.

Take care my friend, hope you find relief soon. Keep us posted.

Much love,

09-28-2006, 04:26 PM
HI, sorry you are having this problem. If this were me it would be my neck and shoulders causing the headache. The posture when working on a computer isn't the best. You can learn exercises to do every 20 min. that might help. I don't know about the red hands. Good luck getting help with this. take care, Debann

09-29-2006, 07:52 AM
I think the red hands might be some kind of circulation problem. I agree, get up and walk around and drink those fluids! Also, I use one of those "wierd" chairs at the computer...don't know what they're called, but you have to tuck your legs behind the part on the bottom. I used to get terrible neck/shoulder aches but not now. Good luck to you--

10-09-2006, 08:05 PM
I get a headache as well, but not as much since I got a big flat panel monitor and a soft executive chair. Now I get the headache more from watching tv for more than an hour in one sitting.
There is a computer program that you can get which will remind you to get up and stretch every 50 minutes or so...I think it even shows you stretches to do with a little cartoon character.
Maybe that's something that would be helpful for you.