View Full Version : Going to the rheumatologist on thursday

09-25-2006, 11:37 AM
I want to thank you all for all your help and information. I now feel strong enough to go back to my doctor and try treating this lupus again.

Do you have any advice of what types of questions I should ask him? I have been treating this myself thru alot of rest, supplemental iron to fight the anemia ( not working) cranberry juice to help with the UTI ( not helping) and ibruprofen for the pain. In the past my kidney was involved and today I have horrible back pain in my kidney area. The swelling of my hands and feet has become constant as well as the rash.
I had to have two teeth extracted as well.

I think I am in for a lecture, but that ok as long as it leads to me turning this around.

Thanks for being there!!