View Full Version : Good Morning - its my first time

09-17-2006, 06:47 AM
Hello everyone. This is my first attempt to talk to someone else who may understand what I am in for. I am 32 years old, married for 14 years, I have a 9 year old and a 6 year old and I was just diagnosed with Lupus two weeks ago. I go to see a specialist (rheumatologist) at the end of this month, but have so many things going through my mind right now that I thought it might be good to talk to someone.

09-17-2006, 07:41 AM
Welcome!! :D :D :D

09-17-2006, 08:29 AM
Hi Ibenez:

Just wanted to wish you a warm welcome and look forward to getting to know you better. This is a great forum for support and information. Take care.

09-17-2006, 04:46 PM
:BIG: Welcome! Hope you'll enjoy our company. Ask questions, vent out, or if you just want to talk, feel free. You're not alone... Everyone's very friendly, informative, understanding, and comforting. I still consider myself a newbie, just been diagnosed earlier this year. I'm still learning and understanding the lupus lifestyle. Welcome again to our family. :wink:

09-18-2006, 06:07 AM
Welcome to the group! As buddhabelly said feel free to share anything with us. We are here for you! :lol:

09-18-2006, 01:33 PM
Welcome! The doctors may be way too busy to stop and answer all you questions...but trust me these people on this website are angels sent by God. Someone will always point you in the right direction, you just have to ask.