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09-15-2006, 08:20 AM
Hi All:

Just want to say I got my dates for my new knees. Will be having a left total knee replacement surgery done on October 6 and six days later will have my right one done. I was fortunate enough to get in to see my rheumy yesterday who gave me the "go ahead". I have been concerned because I have had a real symptom flare over the summer months and was worried that I might have to cancel. Nope, she said "go be bionic".

Wish me luck cuz I'm scared stiff.

09-15-2006, 08:26 AM
I wish you the best. I know the surgery (surgeries) will be successfull, your recuperation will be quick and you will be "Bionic" in no time at all!!

I will be thinking of you :lol:

Peace and Blessings

09-15-2006, 12:13 PM
Thanks Saysusie: I may have to change my name from beautifulbeluga to bionicwoman. What do you think?

09-15-2006, 02:20 PM

I had a TKR done 2 yre. ago on my left knee.

I'm sure you are being prepped for the recovery :(
It IS a lot of hard work, I was surprised!! even though people warned me, and yep; there are a few days in the beginning that it does hurt and pt is no picnic either!

I'm not trying to be negative, but I know with me, I wanted to be as prepared as possible.

Even when pt hurts, it is sOOOOOOOOOO important to do it daily.

After about 3-5 months, I was bLOWN AWAY at how GREAT it was to be able to walk again; without pain!!!

Even now, on days when my joints hurt and swell; my biontic knee is the one place in my body that DOESN'T hurt.

you will be REALLY happy, Just stay positive in the beginning. The pain is soooooo worth the end result !!!!!!!

Actually,after about 2 weeks, I was able to do the pt stuff well, but it does take time, so don't expect an immediate miracle or feel bummed out if it hurts in the beginning.

I also had mine done in Oct. which was really good time because by spring and summer, I was ready to go!!!!!!!

ALSO, when I had my surgery, I, too was in a flair; they almost did not do it because my blood count ws so low; BUT they did and everything was fine!! :) :) :)

I just know your end results will be wonderful!!!!!!!!

09-15-2006, 02:32 PM
You go girl! Get yourself some new knees :lol: Best of luck to you and you will be in my prayers for a safe surgery and quick as possible recovery.

09-15-2006, 05:07 PM
Thanks so much Stardust for sharing your experience. I have known lots of people who have had TKR'S done but none with lupus. It really helped me to know you came through it with flying colors especially since you too were in a flare going in. I'm not worried at all about the pain and recovery as I know it will be temporary but I was more concerned about the impact lupus may have. You have no idea how much you have calmed that fear.

Thanks also to butterfly and all others for their well wishes. It really helps to know you have some support and prayers on the other side going into something like this.


09-15-2006, 05:24 PM
You are so welcome!!!

Any ??? you may have, please feel free to e-mail or pm me or just post.

You will be just fine!!!!!! :) :) :) :)


PSSS------- NO-ONE could have been more nurotically stressed out than I was at that time.

It was my 1st. surgery EVER !!!!!!! and lupus on top of it!!!!

09-16-2006, 04:51 AM
How about "BionicStardust" :BIG:

We will all be holding you up in prayer for your surgery!!!

Peace and Blessings