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09-12-2006, 03:08 PM
I propose a topic.

Do you find faith or lack of faith affects your Lupus? Do you find that you are spiritual without being religious and that helps? Do you find all three, faith, spirituality and mind are all interconnected and affect your Lupus?

My answer:

Yes, yes and yes. I have faith and spirituality, I also find that when my mind is calm, it allows me to enjoy faith, spirituality and my body. I do believe in God, I believe in myself and I believe in humanity. I believe they DO have a connection but are also seperate.

I have had the privilage to see the Dalai Lama in person twice now (with thousands of others) and my last visit was this weekend. Questions were asked about how to deal with illness and he spoke about having a calm mind, having faith and also being compassionate toward others. He spoke about the illness an individual faces is "relative" and that many other people suffer worse or the same and you should think of those people during your deepest pain and that it helps to calm the fear of your own suffering and keeps your mind on compassion and love. I have agreed with that theory for some time now because it has helped me a great deal - not everyday as we all have bad days but in general, it helps.

The Dalai Lama spoke about how a person's faith and state of being are actually different. He called himself a "simple Buddhist monk" but also a citizen of the world and that he can be one without the other but that it works better when you have both. (he's quite the giggler)

My Mum is a Reverend and therefore I have always had faith in my life and thank goodness for that, especially after my diagnosis - boy did that ever help not send me over the deep end.

So, I just wanted to spark the conversation of how it all affects you?

09-12-2006, 04:59 PM
Hi Jenha;

What a great topic; while there are millions of ideas and beliefs in this world; I think this is a topic that bares great reflection; and for you to have an opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama. I have to share this thought with you; every time I have seen his face on television or film - there's such an aura of peace, joy, and a man who wears his heart and soul on his face :) :) He seems so unencumbered by the troubles of the world....and that is not a gift, it's a treasure I'm sure hard earned, learned.

Like you I am a very deep believer in God; I think that there are others who find their peace in so many different intities - and I respect that as well. I believe that our faith, attitude, acceptance of self; and my oh so important treasure of HOPE is so vital to the way we live with our disease.
I may not understand it; but I am willing to do all I can to live as peaceful a life as I possibly can. I believe that when you suffer in your soul/mind; that it affects every other aspect of your life. I believe that finding our peace is such a necessity in this busy world we live in. Those pockets of time when we can shut out all the rest of the world; if even for a moment of prayer and/or meditation - it truly brings a tremendous sense of calm to each one of us.

I have often shared with people that if there is ever an opening for "driver" for the hope wagon :lol: sign me up for duty !!! With every fiber of my being; I so richly appreciate having a grateful and hopeful heart. Hope is the magic that keeps you going when reality bites you in the arsssss and reality sucks like a vacuum. As you can tell, I get a little excited about all this !!

Thanks for creating this conversation; I'm so excited to see others share. I hold sacred to my heart those who are willing to share their beliefs and what keeps them going. I find it encouraging, uplifting and when we share that which is the most sacred to us all; it defines the nobility in all of us. There are millions of men who have fought for centuries so that we may have the freedoms we enjoy today. A sacrifice, I believe - that deserves nothing short of respect and living our lives with grace, appreciation and honor.

Much love,

09-12-2006, 05:56 PM
This is a very nice post, especially for people NEW like me to get a glimpse of such deep and spiritual thoughts others here feel. It helps to get to know someone in a very personal way.

Since I'm so new, all I will say is that "Yes, I very much feel God walks with me, always has and always will" and I TRY to keep in step with Him, live my life as He wants me to. ( but I'v made many mistakes)

I guess having Lupus; for me didn't affect my faith in any way, it's just another path I'm obviously meant to be on and those I meet along the way are specially chosen people.

I'm sure we will never (in this life) totally understand why the things that happen to us and to others happen, especially the painful ones, but we have to have faith that there IS a reason!!! And we just have to try to be the kind of person that is good and know that all pain does is help us become stronger and be able to actually SEE all the good things that are here. I have found that people who never struggle, never see.

09-12-2006, 06:32 PM
have to add;

that I truely believe that ALL of us borne, even aborted before actuall birth, rich, poor, healthy, sick- we ALL are here because wewere meant to be here. We all have a reason and purpose. And that is MY faith.

09-13-2006, 06:21 AM
Hi Stardust,

Well my friend, you will find that there are some of the world's nicest, kindest, and most compassionate people hang out, right here!! I don't think that is an accident either; the spirit and commitment that Saysusie, St. James and Conrad bring to this forum is nothing short of spectacular. They have such a true dedication to making this forum as positive and encouraging as any I have seen. For that, I feel priviledged to have an opportunity to share.

Life is good, love is better !!!

Much love,

p.s. it was so nice to see your post this mornin' - hope you have a great day !!