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08-17-2003, 05:04 PM
My doctor decreased my Prednisone and I took a dive big time. A few days later I ended up in the emergency room with what they finally called an "Unexplained seizure". I had been in the sun packing to go camping and went inside because I got hot. My brain tingling. Then I was not able to talk.

My husband rushed me to ER and told them I had Lupus and I had gotten hot. They thought I had a stroke. After blood tests, CT scan, and x-rays they asked what meds I was on. When they heard Vicodin for pain, they shifted into a new mode. Unfortunate for me, they figured I had OD'd on Vicodin. After telling them over and over that I didn't take any when I was finally able to speak a few words, they made me drink a Charcoal mixture which made me vomit for hours. Then the doctor came in and said, "She was right she didn't take anything, it must have been the Lupus!" He then said if I had any further problems to come back (NOT).

Has anyone ever had a "unexplained seizure"? One of the new books I read on living with Lupus vaguely mentioned it.

HELP I feel miserable. :cry:

08-30-2003, 08:08 PM
I here you! Not every ER understands the disease. I have had 9 seizures in the last 2 years in front of people, including a friend who is a physician. Nothing shows up on my MRI's etc... but the seizures still happened! I went to one Neurologist and he said that they were most like fainting spells but no they weren't. Finally I went to a Neurologist that specializes in autoimmune diseases and he told me I was experiencing "tonic seizures" when and only when my Lupus flares. That explained it. I didn't require any anti-convulsive meds or anything because it only occurs when my Lupus is in a horrible state. You are not alone. They don't fully understand the whole seizure and Lupus thing I don't think. I have to be really cautious when I am flaring too badly. My last seizure was 2 weeks ago. I hope you get a doc that understands you! Like a lot of Lupus, the test results don't always follow the disease! Good luck