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08-18-2006, 07:30 PM
Hello all. I was wondering about Methotrexate. I've been on plaquinel, imuran and prednisone and my rheumy seems to think that they are not working like they should and wants me to start mehotrexate. What scared me is that I read it is a class x drug that can cause birth defects if the man OR the woman is on it when a baby is conceived. I've never been on birth control, so the thought of taking something like that is scary. Even if I were to get on "the pill" in order to take this stuff, I think I'd still be scared of getting pregnant. I desperately want to have more kids someday, but don't think that I could live with myself if I had a baby with birth defects due to the meds. I guess my thing is that almost my whole family seems to get pregnant despite birth control. I talked to my rheumy about feeling uncomfortable, and he said it's really my decision (but I could tell he thinks I'm nuts). I guess this whole rant amounts to wondering what anyone else has experienced with the drug. Anything would be helpful! Thanks :D

08-19-2006, 10:32 AM
I have to question any doctor that thinks I'm nuts because I have questions or doubts about a medication. I almost wound up having a risky surgery because my doctor was "only treating me so he wouldn't be accused of malpratice".

If you have doubts and questions, discuss them, thoroughly with your doctor. If your doctor isn't listening to you, then get a second opinion. The fact that you want more children and you don't want to put a child at risk is a very valid fear.

Fight for the right to be healthy and safe.

08-20-2006, 08:58 AM
Generally, when your doctor puts you on Methotrexate, they talk to you about birth control specifically for that reason. If you are not getting the answers you need from your rheumy..talk to your gynecologist about the best form of birth control while taking Methotrexate (and especially since your family has a history of conceiving while on birth control).
Most doctors suggest that you do not think of conceiving while taking Methotrexate and if you do decide that you want to get pregnant, this has te be a joint medical and personal decision between you, your rheumy, your ob/gyn, your GP and your husband. Everyone must be on board because your treatment regimine will have to be changed. So, do try to make your doctor understand how important this is to you and insist that he listen to you and treat you knowing that this is your desire. If he doesn't wish to take your wants and needs seriously, go to another doctor!!

I wish you the best

08-20-2006, 10:59 AM
I am on methotrexate right now and my physician warned me to make sure that I don't get pregnant while taking this med. He also told me that you need to not get pregnant 6 months afterwards. He said that the med. would still be in your body and it could cause harm to the baby.
I am still having bad heartburn and nausea with the med. I know that it is a form of chemo. but I thought it would pass by now. I have also begun losing some hair. I had my 4th treatment Saturday and I have to take it for 4-6 months depending I guess how well it's working.
I think that you should get all the info you can and tell the doctor about your concerns.

08-21-2006, 12:13 PM
Thanks you guys! I am definately going to talk to my doctor more next appointment...