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07-25-2006, 05:25 PM
Its Summer, and you can't hide from the sun. What'a a good sunblock to use? I've been getting dark marks on my arm from the sun. I need better protection. 8) I also have sensitive skin. I came across an ad in a Lupus Now magazine, for Fallene TOTAL BLOCK. It protects us from UVA/UVB rays. 8) I heard that's what we need. Has anyone used TOTAL BLOCK before? Because I have some dark marks on my arm from the sun, I can use their SPF60 Foundation. Has anyone used that before? Its pretty expensive, so I'll like to hear from others who's used it before or heard about it whether its a good product or not.

Can you suggest me a good sunblock? :?:

07-26-2006, 05:49 AM
I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch sunblock in SPF 45 (that's the highest it goes). But it protects against UVA/UVB rays. I love it. It's not greasy at all. It's also PABA free. Some of the higher sunblocks have PABA in them. I break out in a bad rash from PABA. It' s also water-proof and sweat-proof. I really like it. I've never tried the TOTAL BLOCK before. I've actually haven't ever heard of it. Hope you find one that's right for you ! ~Butterfly 8)

07-26-2006, 06:45 AM
I use Hawiian Tropic Ozone Sport spf 60+

07-26-2006, 06:46 AM
I was going to recommend Neutrogena dry block spf 45 too. It's the least gooey and it also smells nice! I keep a tube of it in my car.

For the face, I use Dr Denese spf tinted moisturizer. It goes on so smooth I really don't mind applying it or the way it feels. But it's not cheap, so I put that on my face and then use a cheaper Neutrogena cream on my neck and decolette (but in summer I keep that covered up with fabric too).

Then when I have to be out in my car during the day I keep a tube of Dr. Denese sunsheild powder in my car. It's great b/c it's self-contained. It's a finely milled powder, so it's dusty when you apply it, but you can dial the amount up or down. You can't beat something that's so quick and easy to reapply when you're out and about. Here's the link:

http://www.qvc.com/asp/frameset.asp?nest=%2Fasp%2FisItemNumberRedirect.as p&search=SQ&frames=y&referrer=QVC&CLASSLEVEL=&cm_re=PAGE-_-SEARCH-_-SEARCH&txtDesc=dr.+denese+spf+20&SearchClass=

Also I keep an extra sweater coat in the car to put over my lap when the sun's shining right on my legs.

As you can tell I'm very sensitive to the sun -- 10 minutes of it wipes me out and leaves me weak and dizzy. So these things do help.

07-26-2006, 11:58 AM
I was hearing a news story yesterday about a sunblock available overseas that is much better than what is currently on the market. I did not get the details, but it was nearly $40 for a bottle which is extremely expensive, but I think it stays on the skin longer and works better, so it may be worth it.
Another thing I consider when buying personal care products these days is to find chemical free options. I dont know how important that is for us lupies, but I figure I will reduce all unnecessary chemicals in my body, so I have changed my deodorant, toothpaste, sunblock, soaps, and such to all natural options from Whole Foods. Since nobody seems to know what causes and fully triggers flares and lupus I figure I will take all steps to bring my body in line with nature. I use Jason brand sunblock that is SPF 30+ which is chemical and fragrance free. Most importantly it is paraben free. I heard recently that in certain cancers paraben is being found, but dont know the full extent of what it is doing to the body. The down side of this brand is that it is a bit thick with zinc oxide, so it gives me a bit of a ghostly look, but I feel better about not putting nasty chemicals on my skin. Just my thoughts.
Take care,

08-22-2006, 06:29 PM
I have used Neutrogena for years. Then my sister and my dad who both had skin cancer were recommended a sunblock which is almost identical (to me, at least) to the Neutrogena, but MUCH cheaper. It's called NO-AD and I have seen it in K-Marts and Shop-rite supermarkets. I would think maybe Wal-Mart may carry it too, but not sure. I used to also see it in CVS pharmacies, but they stopped carrying it (at least in my area). It really is good, inexpensive, was recommended by both my sister's and father's dermatologists, and for those of us who need to use it alot - it's not a bad deal! I use the 30spf for kids (waterproof, hypoallergenic, etc...)

08-22-2006, 06:42 PM
Sunblock is important, but if I'm out in direct sun, I always wear a wide brimmed hat too. I also make sure my makeup and lip gloss have sunscreen in them too. I like the Bonnie Bell products - they work well and aren't as pricey as the department store stuff.

08-26-2006, 07:34 PM
I used Total Block last summer and it did work -- but it is horrendously expensive for a little bottle (a little bigger than a glue stick) and an icky orange color that rubs off on your clothes.

My rheumy recommended Blue Lizard this year and I love it. It's only about $12 a bottle (and it's a normal-sized bottle) and although it's a little thicker than traditional sunscreen, it's way better than Total Block. No weird orange color; waterproof and you can put it on in the morning and it lasts all day. It is zinc oxide/titanium dioxide based.

I bought it first at my dermatologist's office, but the best price for it I've seen is at drugstore.com. I use the "baby" variety as that's what my dermatologist carries.

For my face I use Clinique's Super City Block. Also titanium-dioxide based. SPF 40.

Hope this info's not too late to be helpful!