View Full Version : Had an appointment with the allergist but cancelled it

05-31-2014, 08:59 AM
Had an appointment with the allergist, but cancelled it. He isn't any good anyway. Never prescribed a decongestant, or anything decent for the symptoms I was having. Found something over-the-counter that helps somewhat even though it isn't a strong enough decongestant. What's the point? At least I am getting shots. They seem to be helping a little although the process is going to take 2 years.

06-03-2014, 07:28 AM
Now I found out that the appointment I cancelled with the allergist is required before I can continue with my shots. This is so frustrating. If the office personnel or the nurse had told me this previously, I wouldn't have cancelled the appointment. Now I can't get another appointment with him for 6 weeks. This is so unacceptable because now I have to go for 6 weeks without shots. They won't let me get any shots at all until the allergist sees me. This is going to be a set back for me because the shot/s are supposed to be given to me every week. I have about had it with this clinic. Unfortunately, I have no choice to go to another clinic or another allergist because this is the only clinic or allergist available to me for this purpose according to the plan I am on. I am so fed up with the lack of communication in this office. I would like to make a complaint, but I am sure they would just see me as a troublemaker and make it hard for me in the future because I have to go there.

06-05-2014, 10:03 AM
Well today I called the office and they indeed had a cancellation for the Dr. (allergist) for approximately a week from now. Needlessly to say, I grabbed the appointment. They never called me like they said they would to reschedule if a vacancy accorded in the allergist's appointment schedule. I asked to talk to a supervisor about the promises made to call me about cancellations and what they were going to do about my shot schedule, etc. and how they never called me back. I was told a supervisor will get in touch with me so I could err my concerns. Will see if she ever calls back? It least I got an appointment though for a week from now. That means I shouldn't miss any shots, or at the most one week of them.