View Full Version : Spiders, spiders, and more spiders!

05-10-2014, 08:10 AM
Apparently, it is that time of the year because the spiders are hatching in droves inside my house. Yesterday morning, we found at least 15 little babies on the ceiling in the bathroom. Needless to say, we had to go purchase bug spray and spray for them. We think they may be coming from the attic, but we are not sure. Our attic is sealed off, so we may have to open it up and bomb up there. We are blessed here in SO CAL to have black widows, the cousin of the brown recluse and I don't even know what other poisonous spiders here. I got bit the other day, and had to go to the Dr. for one of the bites. It was taking forever for it to heal. He said it was not from the cousin of the brown recluse, or a black widow. Also we sprayed the perimeter of the outside of the house and nooks, crannies, window sills and every other place we could think up. I have even been bitten in bed. Luckily, I am getting a new mattress delivered today so maybe I won't get bit in bed anymore. The thing that bothers me though is the living room couch, I am afraid to sit on it for fear of getting bitten. That may be the next big purchase and as you all know couches are not cheap. I just pray that we got most of the spiders for the time being. I am sure we will have to spray again in a few more months, if not before then.

05-10-2014, 11:47 AM
Don't know how much it costs but you can get an exterminator who puts a tent over the house and fumagates it for a day and more. That would get everything.

05-10-2014, 01:12 PM
Don't know if I want to get exposed to that much pesticide at this time with lupus and all. Besides this is really the landlords problem, not that it has become my problem.

05-11-2014, 06:11 AM
in Australia ..... we can buy what are called "pest bombs"these are sprays that are set off in a room to fumigate it.there is lots of different varieties, but the general version .....that is designed to fumigate everything ..... is actually one of the least potent.I set them in the morning, and spend the entire day elsewhere.some friends even spend the first night elsewhere.the only issue is the drastic vacuuming required to clean everything afterwards.

05-13-2014, 06:59 AM
I have thought about bombing. So far though, I haven't done it. The pesticides really bother me in the inside of the house, especially the ones with the odor.

05-15-2014, 12:20 AM
The odor fades after a day or 2, you have to prep your house though. Seal every thing and all that fun stuff. Best of luck I have the same problem, being in north Texas, with those pesky black widows. I feel so bad for my mail lady because every summer those things love to make a home in my mail box.

05-15-2014, 09:34 AM
When I was in the thrift store yesterday a lady told me about a spray can with orange oil. I will probably try that if I can find it in the store.