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05-02-2014, 11:58 AM
Hello, have had lupus for 15 years. It was a struggle at first but have learned ways to live with it. I have been working in the educational field for 6 years now and have thought about a career change. It would mean working 12 hour days, which would be a change from the 7 hour days I work now, but I would only work 2 weeks a month. Wondering if anyone has made an adjustment like this and failed or has kept a job like this and was able to do it. The job is driving heavy haulers. Hoping to get some feedback.

05-04-2014, 05:36 AM
hi sunflower,

yes it is possible to have lupus and drive haulage trucks.

the thing to remember is that in trucks you have the ability to control your environment.
so you can add airconditioning or heating as required.
also you must take regular breaks, as laid down in applicable driving laws.

so, it is possible.
but you must also remember that ......

stress is a problem for many people with lupus.

therefore if your job increases the stress you are under .....
you are more prone to go into a flare.

it is not an easy decision to make ......
and we cannot make it for you.
i was a fitter on mining haulage trucks, and could not keep up the required pace and fitness level.
but i was working outside in the heat.
as a driver there is much more chance to work successfully

05-04-2014, 08:07 AM
I cannot possibly give you any better advice than that which Steve provided. So, I am just taking this opportunity to welcome you to our family and I hope that, whatever your decision is, it works out for you.

Peace and Blessings