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04-25-2014, 02:49 PM
Hi, I have had joint issues with a positive ANA for about six years, and was on plaquenil for most of last year until my hair started falling out. My rheumatologist reduced the plaquenil (which had finally started working after I went up to 400mg) and my joints flared really badly along with suddenly getting chilblains in Australian summer and unexplained bruising. My rheumatologist gave me a depo of steroids and asked me to go on methotrexate. This was a huge step for me as it also coincided with her telling me that now I did actually qualify via the criteria as having lupus, and I really wanted to pretend it was all just a coincidental group of symptoms that would get better once I finally got enough sleep. (I have two little kids)
I delayed starting the methotrexate for about six weeks. Initially I had my worst cold in years followed by sinusitis that needed antibiotics, then I was just plain anxious about the drug. Would I need a day of down time each week after taking it? What about the long term effects? What about my immune system? I have two little kids bringing home bugs all the time.
My main worry was the downtime. Kids don't give you sick leave.
Anyway, two nights ago after a few tears I finally took the Methotrexate 10mg and I have to say if I feel any different, it is very minimal. I slept normally and had a normal day yesterday.
I am really relieved and hopeful that, given time, it will make a big difference to my symptoms.
I just wanted to put this up here because of the internet reporting bias where, understandably, people will write about their bad experiences more than the good and neutral ones.
This is in no way intended to minimise anyone's bad experiences, as, working the medical field myself, I know these happen, which was another reason I was so fearful, I think. Anyway, hope this helps someone who was in the same place I was over the last month.

04-25-2014, 03:33 PM
Hi Chloe

Some people are lucky enough and don't have any side effects. I will cross my fingers for you, that you are one of them.