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03-06-2014, 05:08 PM
Hi everyone, my name is Emily :) I have just recently recieved an answer for all the pain and crap I have been going through...Lupus. I have an entire headful of things to say and rant about, but I have a question for those who have tried Plaquenil....I have been on it for about 8 weeks, along with bp, nsaid & nausous meds...it seemed to have taken some swelling away but my pain is still very bad and I am having joint problems in areas I never had before....has anyone else experienced this?

03-10-2014, 09:32 AM
Hello and Welcome to our family;
There are many, many members here who have taken or are currently taking Plaquenil. As it is a cumulative drug, it does take quite some time before you see real benefits from it. Often, it is given in conjunction with anti-inflammatory drugs so that you may feel the benefits sooner. You can put "Plaquenil" in the search bar above and it will bring up all posts dealing with that subject. I am sure that you will find great information as well as other's personal experiences with the drug. In the meantime, I am sure that someone will be along to give you advice or share their experience with you.

Peace and Blessings

03-13-2014, 06:08 AM
Thank you Saysusie, I have never been apart of a support group before...I lost with this disease and am hoping hearing others stories will give me some hope and my will back.
Blessed be,