View Full Version : Do fellow lupies seem to get sick more often than non lupus people?

02-01-2014, 04:19 AM
All in the title really, just curious? If you get a cold/stomach bug or any sickness it seems to feels way worse with lupus. Is this so for others?

02-01-2014, 08:01 AM
I believe we get sick more often than others because our immune system is working overtime. Is sickness worse for us? I think so, but it is hard for me to judge how sick others are.

02-01-2014, 10:45 PM
Oh yea. Anyone in direct contact with me constantly(like my mom and sister) have to get their flu shots along with me.

02-02-2014, 01:16 AM
the reason most of us will get sick more often, and usually more severe is ......

our immune system was in overdrive,
so we take our medicine to suppress our immune system
now there is no immune system to fight off these bugs.

02-03-2014, 06:51 PM
I was starting to think the drugs to suppress our immune system was the reason for more common bugs. I wonder what dose of them you have to be on for frequent bugs not to happen.

02-05-2014, 08:28 PM
The drugs are part of it as well. My pharmacist always reminds me to stay away from crowds and people that are ill because of my MTX. Sometimes the things that help us cause us problems in other areas

02-06-2014, 11:02 AM
As with all auto-immune diseases, our immune systems are compromised making us more susceptible to viruses and infections. For many, when we do get sick, it feels worse because we do not have a strong immune system to fight it off and/or it can lead to a flare up which makes us feel even sicker. So, we have to be extra careful to avoid exposure to environments and/or people who might make us ill. I wish you the very best.

Peace and Blessings

02-09-2014, 07:19 PM
yes I find I have to stay away from people who have become sick otherwise I become very unwell in part due to mexotrexate. our immune systems just are just lower than other peoples.

02-10-2014, 02:13 PM
My dr said that the cellcept affects the bad part of the immune system more than the good, but I don't know if MTX is the same. I was absolutely floored by a cold this weekend. I actually stayed in bed, which is something I avoid, but I was so poorly and exhausted.
I do find that if I get something then I am usually quite poorly, but I'm really really careful as a habit because I have five children and they were always bringing something home when they were little!
Sending healthy vibes as these bugs go round! Xxx