View Full Version : possable help with skin issues

01-23-2014, 08:26 AM
i went to my rhuemy last week.

we were discussing options, and he suggested i try olive oil soap for my skin complaints.
i have been using steriodal creams for so long that my skin is becoming thin.

the soap is to be fragrance free and available in quite a few health shops.
it is not as effective as the creams, .... but far less invasive.
it takes a little while for it to start to work.
and using it twice a day is more effective than once.

i have only been using it for a week, but it looks very promising.

please consider this as an option.

01-23-2014, 08:53 AM
Thank you for that suggestion Steve, and I am glad that it is working for you. I've never heard of or seen olive oil soap!! I do not have lupus skin issues at this moment, but I think that I will try the soap for other skin issues that I deal with.
I also know that you can get whipped olive oil body cream and, oh my goodness, what a difference that has made. I often use the olive oil body cream along with pure aloe vera on my skin and it works wonders for me.
Thanks again for the info

Peace and Blessings