View Full Version : nasty fall, after a horrible day. Lucky me!

11-21-2013, 12:01 PM
hello all, so great my day started bad and ended worse. Seemed like every little thing that could go wrong did yesterday. I had a VERY hectic day at the office where I didn't even had time to have breakfast much less lunch before my reminder alarm went off at two reminding me of a three o'clock appointment. I had to leave running as my appointment was in the city. I couldn't find parking, so I parked in a one hour spot to check in, to go move it. My pressure was high and my tachycardia was kicking in at 120. I attributed to not eating.
Once I finished I was tempted to get a cup of coffee to hold me off, but went against my better because I thought it would affect my sleep. Anyway on my way to the car I slipped in a pile of leaves and went straight down. As some of you know I have bad knees and fell directly on it, Im ok nothing happened other than of course some bruising and Im sore, but I wanted to say that they're still kind hearted soles left. So many people came to help me and get me up, and asking me was I ok, did I need anything. A elderly lady in particular was extra helpful in even taking me by my arm and walking me to my car, I thought that was so kind of her, when I should be me helping grand-mom's cross the street, here was this grand-mom helping me : /

11-22-2013, 08:26 AM
just when you think the whole world is against you ...........
up pops someone to tell you different.

sorry you are so sore.
but glad it turned out fixable.

some days just need to finish !!!!

11-28-2013, 10:08 AM
So glad that you are ok! I know what you mean, I met an elderly woman in a support group for chronic pain and she was more worried about me than her. Some people really put things into perspective. I find the elderly are SO much more supportive than younger people because they have ailments and understand the daily struggle. They show so much strength. I'm sorry about your fall, I hope your knees heal up. I have bad knee problems so I can understand. I fell two weeks ago trying to put on my shorts. I didn't hit my knees (praise GOD!) but I did have a huge bruise on my upper thigh. It's fine now and I hope you are feeling better. Busy days put so much stress on us Lupies, don't they? Happy Thanksgiving ((hugs))