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10-25-2013, 04:41 AM
My right hip feels like it fell out of socket and went back in while I was sleeping just a few hours ago. I have a heating pad on it now, which helps if I stay completely still. If I move the pain is so bad I'm in tears. This happens several times a year, usually it's been painful, and I just take it easy, but I'm limping when I do walk for 2 days, and still feel the pain for 4 days, but it lessons over time, so by the 4th day, it's just a reminder pain feeling.
My problem is I don't have 4 days to recuperate. I have scheduled my biggest shoot (photography) that I've had since my flair started back in March. (I've been a photographer for 15 years, but had to give it up a year and a half ago b/c I wasn't able to keep up with the volume and the abuse on my joints.) I have 5 clients. - all year... It's enough to keep me feeling like I'm not useless, but not enough to bring in any kind of income to support even my half of our mortgage. However, it does do so many good things for my mental health, so I appreciate it.

Anyhow... Halloween is my favorite Holiday. I have always hand sewed my neices Halloween costumes. I couldn't do it for them this year, nor make a costume myself. My friends and aquaintences are calling to find out what I'm doing this year and I tell them, nothing... Halloween is my Christmas... Imagine if you had to watch Christmas happen, but you couldn't participate - you get no gifts, and you give no gifts, but everyone else gets to... That's what it feels like this year for me.

So, I planned a shoot for my 5 clients, so I could celebrate Halloween, and bring in a couple extra dollars... I scheduled out the set building so I could make sure to have it ready without over doing it. Months... I've been slowly working on it. Today is supposed to be my day for last minute things... I was going to go cut wild sunflowers for the fall themed set, pick up industrial velcro, set up the sets in my house so I don't forget anything when I go on location tomorrow. But now I'm stuck in bed unable to move...

I had my rhuemy appt just 3 days ago, where he upped my steriod. Even got a shot right in his office. I did a seqrch on the boards to see what helps people with this kind of pain, and the answer I've read is a steriod shot. I'm not sure my rhumy will be up for that. He didn't want to up my steriods to give me relief last month. (I'm on 12mg daily, have been since July. As of last Wednesday he changed me to 1cc Medrol injection every two weeks & continue with 12mg pills.) Is my only other option pain pills? I already take Mobic daily, and can not take any more nsaids.

I can't work with this pain, and I can't be loopy to work - out of focus photos are not fun... Plus my clients are infants and toddlers... I also feel I can't cancel on 5 clients. Just as I have been preparing, they have as well, 5 babies all dressd up in costume will do my spirit well... I'm going to call the rhuemy when the office opens, but he doesn't see patients on Fridays, so is my only option to go to the walk-in clinic? Do I have optioins thqt will bring me relief and allow me to work?
Another Irony is I have my prescription for a wheel chair. I haven't called the insurance yet to get it filled, as I don't know whqt my needs are, and don't want to choose the wrong thing, and spend money unnecessarily. I have a sports car that I'm stuck with, as I can't replace being out of work. I can't strap a wheel chair lift to the back of it, and it would be difficult to lift one in and out over the high back of the hatchback. It would twke all my energy to do that, then where would the energy to push myself come from? So the day I could really use the chair to help get my errands done... I've procrastinated... I've used store chairs when necessary, and avoided making decisions that make me feel more disabled.
Now, I'm here... Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Does anyone have some good advice, or answs to my questions above?

10-25-2013, 05:36 AM
First let me say, I am sorry, that you are in pain.
Even though I have never actually dislocated my hip, it feels like it is wanting to, all the time I make a " wrong" move. It feels like it is slightly out of alignment, but jumps right back into place. It hurts really bad.
I have no advice, but mayby you should try the ER.
Good luck, I hope you can do your shoot.


10-25-2013, 06:45 AM
I thought for sure you'd have my quick fix @Debbie <smiles>
Oh how I'd like to avoid the ER... I'm giving this heating pad 30 more minutes to do some magic, then I WILL get dressed, and figure out what's next. Stupid stubborn mind in a broken body...

10-25-2013, 03:01 PM
I think the ER is the best option. When mine does that I get a shot of steroids and it does the trick. You can't have them often but if is good when it is that bad. Also remember that just because you have Lupus not everything is Lupus. We tend to get so used to overlooking things we overlook things we shouldn't.

let us know!

10-26-2013, 07:08 PM
Thank you both! I always appreciate your knowledge! I stayed in bed a couple hours with the heating pad on, and when I got up I at least wasn't in screaming/crying pain. I was stiff, in pain, limping, and moving slow. My partner came home to help take care of me, run me on all my errands to make sure I get all my prep work done. I finally called the insurance company to get my wheelchair, and they brought it out the same day, so that helped also. By 5pm I had a lot more movement with a lot less pain than earlier. I still limped, but it wasn't as bad. Moving really helped make my hips better, even though moving hurt them. My rhuemy emailed me back by 8 & said if the pain is that bad the er is the place to go, as I may not see anything on xray, and may need an mri. He said If I don't go into the ER call his office Monday and go in. By the time I got his message my pain was a manageable level even when walking, so I didn't go to the ER. I'll call his office on Monday and see if he still wants me to come in, but today I didn't have hardly any pain. I attribue that to constantly moving on Friday.
Because I felt better today, I did my shoot as planned and of course overdid it on my energy, my joints, my mental strength. I have a busy day tomorrow as well, as long as I can still move in the morning. One day at a time...

10-26-2013, 07:29 PM
Oh Mari,

I have no idea what is or is not my lupus... I think I do by default blame everything on the lupus these days... It's easier. However, my doctor doesn't. He looks deeper, trys different things, and explains the thought process for a lot of his diagnosis, which helps me understand. Anything that's joint related, I automatically think lupus. If this is not lupus, do you have an idea what it could be? I see you id you have a similar concern that happens.
To be clear, I don't know tht my hips actually dislocate, it happens in my sleep. So I wake up and feel like they came out and went back in.
And one more side note... Because I was babying my hips on Friday, I was shuffling more than walking, using my knees more than usual. Now they hurt, almost like a constant burn. Never a dull moment...

10-27-2013, 06:45 AM
You just gave me more info! Have them look ino busitus. I have that and it hurts like ( what I can't say here). It is an inflammation of the sacs cetween the joints and I have to get steroid stots when it acts up, technically not lupus but caused by the same inflammation and it usually hits me at night

Either way, I am so sorry you are hurting!

10-27-2013, 03:15 PM
Thanks Mari! I will check into that. Do you have any idea what brings it on?

10-27-2013, 04:24 PM
Bursitus ... Dang fingers!

10-27-2013, 07:33 PM
So sorry you're in so much pain and not able to celebrate your favorite holiday the way you normally would!

My eldest son has bursitis in his hips. Although he experiences a great deal of pain, he hasn't, to my knowledge, ever had them "dislocate." He has had extensive PT and steroid injections. His started when he was in the USMC boot camp.

10-28-2013, 07:32 AM
thinking of you abby.

i hope whatever it is, it is fixable.

10-28-2013, 01:56 PM
I get the same thing Mari, bursitis. Hurts like $#!!, ANYWAY what my Dr. recommended was stretching. This hurts too, I'm not going to say it doesn't. She has me sit on a chair and cross my knee of the side that hurts, grab my knee with my arm and pull it as close to my body as I possibly can. Do this a few times daily or as many as you can. Hope this helps.

10-29-2013, 02:30 AM
Thank you all for the concern. It turns out my busy weekend was a blessing because pushing myself through the pain to keep moving cleared up the pain in both hips in 1 day versus the 4 days I'm used to. So the stretching sounds like it's the right advice. What's ironic is I try to pay close attention to my body, and not push it. If there's pain or resistance, I stop. (Well try to stop myself, I haven't mastered this yet.) So to push through and have it help and not cause worse symptoms was quite a surprise from the norm.
Saturday during my shoot I started out a bit stiff, but not really pain. Sunday my hips were back to normal. However, because I was walking more at my knees on Friday to save my hips from moving, and then working on my knees on Saturday during my photoshoot, they are in not so pretty shape. Nothing a bit of rest won't clear up, and I have plenty of editing to do to keep me off my knees for a while.

I have another nerve conduction test tomorrow at my Rhuemy's office as he dismissed the nerve conduction performed from my neurologist a couple of months ago. So the insurance won't pay for an office visit with the doctor on the same day as the nerve conduction - as stated by the office staff. Since I'm not having anymore hip pain, I will just address it with the Rhuemy at my next appointment in a month. However, he did e-mail me today and ask how my hips were. I was quite impressed by my Rhuemy's follow-up!

Thank you all again for your help, guidance, advice, and caring! I'm constantly learning from all of your experiences! Thank you!

10-29-2013, 11:07 AM
Oh joy to the nerve conduction study! I have another one of those on the 7th. Please let us know how yours go.

i am so glad you are feeling better!

10-29-2013, 11:15 PM
Turns out the nerve conduction was a Sensory nerve conduction test. Not at all like the last evilness I went through last with the nerve conduction. No needles, no giant tazer-like thing. It was more like a tens unit that was sending electric current from one body part to another, and I told the tech when I felt it, and he stopped it. Not nearly as painful as before. However the current going in one hand and out the other one caused my elbows to be painful, as well as my knees when he did my feet. There were only a couple of times the current got so strong it jolted me a bit before I felt it. Another weird thing during the test was my left eye started twitching. (Usually when stress gets unbelievably high I can develop an eyelid twitch.) so I don't know if it started because of the current itself or becausevthe current was causing my body stress. Either way the eyelid twitch went away once the test stopped, and the elbow pain also lessoned after the test was done, though more sensitive all day.
I won't find out the results until close to Thanksgiving, but I'm not to worried about the results, as I just don't expect the results to help lead to any treatment that provides substancial relief. But then that's just my experience talking, as almost all of any test run comes back in the normal range... So I don't put too much stock in their tests.

10-30-2013, 07:25 AM
Oh I had one of those early on! Glad it wasn't too bad. Funny but I have that eyelid twitch too! It is not just during stress and it will be the bottom of my as well. Those are not painful but irritating as all get out!

When is your Dr. Appointment for your results? I have had a myriad of tests lately and more coming but I won't see the neuro until the 27 of Nov either

10-30-2013, 09:41 AM
Mine is close to Thanksgiving as well. Good luck on your test results, Mari!