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06-26-2003, 10:11 PM
hi all,

my sister seems to have devloped some lupus like symptoms (butterfly rashes near the eyes, frequent fever, exhaustion). as a first step, our gp had advised a general blood test and now has asked for a ANA test.

The Rheumatiod factor in the first test turned out to be negative.. does this mean that the ana test will trun out -ve or is there a likelihood of it returning +ve.

These tests have caused great alarm at home, since my mother also suffered from sle and subsequently died beacuse of kidney failure..

hope some one will throw some light on this

thanx in advance


06-30-2003, 12:35 PM
The ANA test is the best diagnositc test for SLE and it is positive in virually all people with SLE. However, it can be positivie in other connective tissue diseases and the results have to be used in conjunction with other clinical signs and symptoms. The ANA test report usually includes a titer (strength) of the antibody and is generally high in people with LUPUS. Laboratory tests that measure blood complement levels are also used to determine if a patient has LUPUS. If the C3 or C4 compliment levels are low, and she has a positive ANA with high titers - she may be diagnosed with LUPUS.
Doctors test extensively before making a final LUPUS diagnoses and all of the tests take a while... Tell your sister to hang in there and you too. Try not to get too alarmed!

Peace and Blessings