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07-04-2006, 12:34 PM
Hi I was told by my doctor about 4 months ago that I had lupus. I was having a lot of problems with pain, stiffness, tired and everything else I can't remember. I also have fibromyalgia. I have the butterfly rash and also get some rash on my wriste and top of my hands that lasted for a year. It has cleared up right now but for how long I don't know. Any why enough about that. Does anyone have problems with enlarged lymph nodes? The doctor said it was caused by my rash. I also get very bad pain in my arm and sholder, I have a hard time lifting or reaching with my arm without pain it is hard to do my hair and get dressed or anything. This happens a lot it last sometimes weeks at a time then it seem to get a little better for a week or two then happens all over again. Some times it is both arms but more often on in my left arm. I have pain all over but my arm seems to be the worst. She said two test came back positive. And I have all to the other symptoms
So what can I expect now?

07-05-2006, 08:58 AM
Hi Smuggyboots;
The spleen and lymph nodes are often swollen and enlarged with Lupus and are included in the long list of symptoms of Lupus. The lymph nodes are part of the lymphatic system that is part of the immune system. Lymph nodes often swell in response to infection or disease. Sometimes this is somewhat inaccurately called "swollen glands" (lymph nodes are not glands; they do not secrete anything). The most common locations of lymph node swelling are in the neck, groin and underarm, though many other locations are possible.
Perhaps your arm problems are a result of the chronic fatigue, which is a common symptom of lupus (also called toxic fatigue). Sometimes, just the fatigue can make your arms feel as if they had just done extensive weight-training and lifting them above the shoulders is a painful task.
ALso, your arm problems may be "frozen shoulder". Rheumatic disease (such as Lupus) progression can cause frozen shoulder. Intermittent periods of use may cause inflammation. Adhesions (abnormal bands of tissue) grow between the joint surfaces, restricting motion. There is also a lack of synovial fluid, which normally lubricates the gap between the arm bone and socket to help the shoulder joint move. It is this restricted space between the capsule and ball of the humerus that distinguishes adhesive capsulitis from a less complicated painful, stiff shoulder.
Movement of the shoulder is severely restricted in people with a "frozen shoulder." Doctors call this condition adhesive capsulitis.
However, here are some web-sites that you give you information on the various causes of arm weakness -

It is probably best that you discuss these symptoms with your doctor so that you can find out exactly what the cause is and if treatment is needed.

I wish you the best
Peace and Blessings

07-06-2006, 04:58 AM
Thank you for the info, Saysusie. Im glad I found this site there is a lot of helpful stuff. I don't feel so crazy now that I read some of these post. Maybe its not all in my head!

Thanks again,

Carol (smugyboots)