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Purple Glenn
09-08-2013, 03:42 PM
Hi my name is Glenn just finding it hard sometimes to deal with the distance from my girlfriend. she has lupus quite bad, and sometimes i dont really understand what she is going through obviously i will never truly know what she is going through, all i know is that i would do anything for her i love her so much, we first met on a website and the first moment i saw her i knew i was in love, she never told me at the start but when we got to know each other she told me, everything was fine at the start and then she started distancing her self and i was thinking is there something wrong with me does she still want me, i kept texting her thinking she would reply i just wanted to know she was ok, then i done some more research on how lupus can effect people that they can have depression which she has, i kept trying to contact her which i know now might of been smothering her too much, its just i really love her and going weeks without her speaking to me gets me really worried about her, but i know now that she needs space and time to get her better, i know how much effort it takes for her to respond but its just so hard not to know if she is ok, ive spent hours and hours looking up lupus and how bad it really is, i just want her to feel better, she lives in america and i live in england and ive given up my whole life to be with her to take care of her, im quitting my military job ive pretty much sold everything i have so i can get the money to go over to america so i can take care of her, it just feels like she dosent really understand how much i really love her, in the past it just felt like she was ignoring me but then i looked up more information and came to understand more about how lupus effects her, im really trying to understand lupus im willing to do anything it takes to be with her im never going to give up on her i love her too much to lose her, she is my world my everything, im just looking for some help how to cope and be supportive any tips anyone can give me will be so helpful, as i say i love her so so much and i dont want to lose her.

09-09-2013, 04:11 AM
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09-13-2013, 06:31 AM
It is so wonderful that you are willing to learn so much about this disease and that you are willing to do all that you can to help her. Many times, that makes a big difference to us when we are dealing with this disease. One thing that you should understand is that Lupus never affects any of us the same way. We each deal with our own specific form of Lupus and our emotional reactions to Lupus are as varied as the disease itself.
Unfortunately, until she is able to speak with you about how her Lupus affects her personally, it is hard to say that her issues are purely due to depression. That is a common symptom, but it is unknown if it is her symptom or not.
I wish that we had some concrete answers for you, but there are none with this disease. I wish you the very best and I do hope that she is OK.

Peace and Blessings