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08-20-2013, 02:54 PM
I know the answers to this question may not be specific to Missouri Medicaid but any info will be helpful...I was approved for SSI back payment from the time that I was in the hospital and couldn't work. The judge didn't approve me for a monthly check b/c I am still able to work, which I do 40 hrs/wk...for now. I have to as many of you can relate to to pay the bills and basically live. Anyway, I received the back payment in a series of 3-4 direct deposits and checks. I have had Medicaid ever since I was in the hospital and up until June 30 2013 when I received a letter stating that b/c of my settlement that I was no longer eligible until I spent the money b/c I wasn't allowed to have more than $999.99 in cash resources available, and to top it off I had to show receipts showing how the money was spent. anyway I got all that taken care of and gave the caseworker all the info that they had requested. my question is do you think that I will be able to resume my Medicaid coverage now that all this is taken care of? im still waiting for my caseworker to contact me and if any of you deal with Medicaid you know how difficult and frustrating this can be. I had no problems at all with qualifying prior to getting the settlement. I wish this wasn't an issue for me but it is and that's just the way it has to be right now...I hate the fact that im having to depend on the government for my well being but paying $4000 every 2 wks for a shot to keep my platelet count built up and labs also and all the doc fees...I have racked up over $7000 in charges just since all this has taken place...
just looking for some advice and to see if anyone else has went through this

thanks all

08-22-2013, 08:07 AM
I am from Australia ...... so I do not know how the system works. but I do know that tgal is from texas, and she has had similar experiences with Medicaid. it may be worth talking to her.

08-22-2013, 12:25 PM
Patrick Chambers, SILC Chair
1010 Hwy 28 West
Owensville, MO 65066
(573) 437-5100 or (866) 322-3224
TTY: (573) 437-5100
FAX: (573) 437-5117
EMAIL: pchambers@heartlandilc.org

Dennis Atkins, SILC Vice-Chair
1580 Hollowbrook Drive
St. Charles, MO 63303
(816) 273-7205
TTY: none
FAX: none
EMAIL: datkins7659@charter.net

Tammy McSorley, SILC Administrative Assistant
3024 DuPont Circle
Jefferson City, MO 65102
(573) 526-7039 or (877) 222-8963
TTY: (573) 751-0881
FAX: (573) 751-1441
EMAIL: tammy.mcsorley@vr.dese.mo.gov

I cut and pasted all the centers for independent living in Missouri. Call the one nearest you. They will assist you for FREE. They will answer all of your questions and if they can't, they know exactly who can. Good luck and keep us posted

08-22-2013, 04:29 PM
Yea i'm in Texas and they don't really inform you that you automatically get medicaid once you get approved for SSI. I went 4 months without know that until someone at the state office received my medicaid application was kind enough to call me and let me know, it too another month to even get my card.

11-24-2013, 07:12 PM
Im sorry but I looked up the website for this...can you explain what they do?

11-24-2013, 07:53 PM
Another issue with SSI...as you may have read in my earlier post I recieved a settlement of back pay for the time that I was out of work and in the hospital, therefore cutting off my medicaid..well im still waiting for Medicaid to make a decision. my caseworker informed me that my application was being reviewed by the Medical Review Team...which could take a while..well what doesnt when it comes to Medicaid...anyway I have since lost my job and am having trouble finding another one that is as flexible on hours and dealing with my doc appts as the last. anyway my flares and symptoms seem to be getting worse..i dont know if its b/c of the stress of losing my job or what but needless to say they are. i was talking to a friend about all this who has stage 4 cancer and she asked me why i wasnt on ssi...i told her that i had applied and got back payment b/c at the time i was working and was able to work. anyway she suggested that i should re-apply. i told her i wasnt sure that i would get anywhere with it but she said to do it anyway b/c you never know what day to day will bring...and as you all know she is very right especially with lupus symptoms. so far i have been lucky and able to work...but feel like that time may be coming to an end. just wondering if any of you have had this same situation and your thoughts about what i should maybe do? just looking for some in-sight to the issues im facing...thanks to any and all that answer!

11-25-2013, 10:34 AM
A Center for Independent Living has many services available and all are at NO CHARGE. I can tell what the one I work for does and that is pretty much standard operating procedure for most of them:

SSI and SSDI: we can help you apply for it and appeal too if you are turned down the first time.

WIPA: Work Incentives Planning and Assistance. Help answer any questions you may have regarding working and how it will affect your Medicaid and SSI/SSDI

SDPAS: Self Direct Personal Assistance Service. If you are fully medicaid covered and you need assistance at home such as bathing, light housework, meal prep, medications taking, driving to and from doctor's appointments and so on, we are the PAYEE service. YOU are the boss. You hire your own workers. They don't have to be nurses- just anyone you trust that is willing to do the work. Some people require only 1 hour of assistance a week, other require 40+; all dependent upon your level of disability. NO COST TO YOU AT ALL. We, in Montana pay $10.33/hour. We handle all that goes with payment distribution, sorting of taxes and the like.

Peer support, housing assistance, disability rights/laws and so on.

Call your local center. Talk to them. They are a warehouse of knowledge and again, it is all FREE!