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08-12-2013, 08:44 AM
Hey everyone So I have I have to tell you please get yourselves checked if something doesn't seem quite right. I know unfortunately some of you don't have insurance and Im sorry that you have to battle this broken system which hopefully one day will be fix. Even if it seems like its nothing. What I thought were hives turned out to actually be shingles. They were itching like hell and after about 8 or 9 days of this I finally went in to see a doctor who wasn't my primary as it was a sick visit. She thought It was bilateral shingles but wasn't 100% sure as this seems to be rare as shingle usually happen on one side of the body. I wanted to be sure as I didn't want to take medicine that I didn't absolutely need. She set me up first thing in the morning The very next day with a dermatologist and they confirmed it with a biopsy.
The reason for my post is that as the time they didn't hurt at all, they only itched. I've always heard that shingles hurt, well I had opened my mouth too soon because the next day it felt as if someone was inserting hot burning coals inside my left breast, I just wanted to cut it off, I was literally in tears and the itch was unbearable. Benadryl wasn't touching the itch and I was popping them like Candy they had to call in a prescription anti itch medicine. I was put on bed rest and was told it could be complicated for a person with Lupus to get shingles and now I have to be monitored because I developed the pain and severe itch way later after I developed the shingles it could mean that my nerves could suffer permanent damage and I could continue to feel this pain and itch for months or longer after my shingles are long gone. GREAT, JUST MY LUCK!

My advice to you guys is don't wait like I did and assume that it's nothing, were not doctors! I thought it was a simple rash and here I was all along with the shingles, now Im back to work like a zombie with barely any brain function because the meds make me so sleepy. GO GET CHECKED OUT!

ps. excuse the typos I said I have no brain function left LOL