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07-23-2013, 09:55 AM
Hi all
I am trying to chart my journey in the hopes that it may help others who are waiting for a diagnosis or are newly diagnosed, just as other people's posts have helped me.
I spent most of last week going back and forth to the kidney unit in my local hospital so that I could be weaned off warfarin and onto Fragmins to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding and to prevent clots in readiness for my kidney biopsy.
Yesterday my blood was suitably thick and so the biopsy was performed. It wasn't too bad and it will at least help to discover whether or not the lupus has reached my kidneys. Usually this involves 6 hrs bed rest (4 FLAT on my back and 2 sitting up) but they kept me in over night as I am deemed high risk due to the clotting disorder. I'm home now and feeling fine though my cats are sulking because they felt abandoned and they are refusing to let me stroke them!
My nephrologist explained that a biopsy was indicated as I have both blood and protein in my urine and my dsdna titre is raised.
Fingers crossed that all will be well.
I hope hope that this helps

07-24-2013, 10:06 AM
I hope that your biopsy gives you answers and that you can, at least, no longer have to stress about that. Please know that, regardless of the outcome of the biopsy, there are treatments that can help to alleviate your symptoms and/or stop any further damage (if there has been damage).
Thank you for keeping us posted and for sharing your journey. I wish you the very best.

Peace and Blessings