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06-20-2013, 09:11 AM
hi. im 45 and i have fibro and cfs. my dr thinks i have lupus, but im not sure. firstly, i tested negative for it last year. also, the rash i get is more like a flushing on the face. its the butterfly pattern, but it doesnt have a thick raised appearance. i thought i had rosacea. maybe i do. i have so many questions which is why i joined. he took my blood again yesterday and im awaiting the results. he gave me a lupus medicine, but my pahrmacist told me it causes hair loss and gave me some advice. she said wait for the results before i take it. i have lost quite a bit of hair lately. i get these flares where i feel like im getting the flu, but it never comes. they last about a day and are usually better after some good sleep. ive had them for years though and thats when i was diagnosed with cfs. the symptoms of fibro are so similar to lupus. i just dont know. i do want to know though. not too happy about this. thanks for any info.

06-21-2013, 09:32 AM
hi layla, and welcome. many of us do not test positive with the ana, there is about 10% that never test positive. also the doc may have given you the medicine to help his diagnosis. this is not unusual, as some medicines react differently depending upon what is actually wrong with you. many of us go years trying to find a definitive answer to our ailments.... so a proactive doctor is a good thing.