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05-14-2013, 12:27 PM
The GP thinks I have Lupus because my ANA and other tests came back positive
The Rheumatologist does not think I have Lupus because it does not present as a standard Lupus case (all I have heard is it the disease of 1,000 faces cause everyone is different)-he thinks it is peripheral neuropathy and sends me to
The Physiatrist-who confirms that it is a neuropathy but won’t say how I got it-high blood sugars?, thyroid issues, medications
I google (what did people do before google-oh yay went to the library) Lupus and peripheral neuropathy-guess what 1-2% of patients with Lupus have peripheral neuropathy as their major “thing” caused balance issues, falling, muscle weakness.

So what now-take this entire gamut of tests and get a second opinion-one of my sister's friends has Lupus and her Rheumy is apparently the top of his field. So ladies-now that I have had my pity party is there anything to be gained by having a diagnosis of Lupus or should I just stick with Lucie’s Disease ™

05-15-2013, 08:54 AM
EXACTLY! Get a second opinion. Like you said, Lupus does not present itself in the same way with everyone. You may have Lupus, you may have another auto-immune disease. But you do have a right to have an answer. So, I would make use of the option to get a second opinion.

Best Of Luck
Peace and Blessings