View Full Version : Kidney PAIN

04-08-2013, 08:01 PM
Can anyone relate or shed some light on this? So I had gone to the docs in October for what I thought was just a random case of UTI. It hurt to pee and my kidneys hurt. They gave me a regular treatment of antibiotics for 10 days. It took the pain away for maybe a week. By the next week after that it was all back. .I was buckled over in pain kidneys blaring with pain. I ended up hospitalized for a few days with a kidney infection.
In December I was in an accident that lacerated my kidney and I was treated for it and sent home. I seen a urologist to follow up on the injury and they started talking to me about how there may be kidney involvment with my lupus because of my history with uti and high protein in my urine. My left kidney hurts daily. I have follow up appointments and tests...but can anyone shed some light maybe on what to expect or think about...or ANYTHING. I have alot ive been worrying about especially because of the pain.

04-10-2013, 08:48 AM
Firstly I am glad you are having it looked into but the good news is that usually (not always) there is no pain with renal failure. We only figure out about it because of the tests and such so it may be that it is something more like kidney stones. Either way you need to get it looked into but hopefully that will give you a little peace of mind.