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03-07-2013, 11:12 AM
Hello all this is my first time well with me everything started in 1983 I was tested and told I have polymyositis my muscles were off the charts in weakness. As the years pass I have come along, in 1995 I was told I have lupus I am now on methotrexate what happens to me is my muscles especially the hip muscles are very weak, I can't climb stairs very well and I can't sit in normal chairs. I look strong and healthy to other people but looks are not the true story meaning I am a very weak person I must be very careful when walking not to trip or drag my foot because I will have a complete fall where as I can not catch myself to break the fall. When I go to fall or trip my muscles shut down from the time I go to fall until I hit the ground, I can not get up by myself, if I'm out in public it must be a very strong person to help me up and I hate that because people don't understand. I have fell many times at home and when I do where ever I am I must crawl to my bed room to pull up on my bed because the bottom of my bed is hard wood it takes a while but I manage to get up then for the next few days my body muscles are very weak to the point its hard to do anything.Is there anyone the goes through this I call it muscle lock down when I tell the doctor they just look at me I guess people can't picture it unless it was happening to them.

03-07-2013, 05:18 PM
Hi and welcome to WHL, I don't have muscle lock, I have Parksons and Lupus. I fall a lot because my brain and feet skip a beat and forget to move a foot. I always thought it was my knee and muscles giving out. We all have different symptoms. Lupus affects us each in different individual ways. But here we can talk about it and our feelings safety,no one will criticize us unless we break a rule . Read the threads and you'll see.

Again welcome