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02-17-2013, 01:07 PM
Well, I have, I know it's hard to believe but every now and then I can string together some coherent thoughts. In the past year I've let Lupus get the better of me. I'm trying to go forward positively. So I thought I'd start this thread to be uplifting.

I am thankful for my family and their support

For the support of most of my friends. Does that meant the friends who aren't supporting are not my friends? No it's just that they really don't understand.

My newest task is to put the information out there. But I need suggestions as to how to do this.

Any and all suggestions are welcome

02-17-2013, 07:15 PM
i have been thinking of options for you.

you could join your local support group..... or start your own.

you could help ritz with her facebook page.

support the lupus bus when it comes into your area

these are all little things..... but all very important in getting the message out.