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02-17-2013, 07:53 AM
I did post this as a response to another one about chorea but its from 2006 and Im not sure how that works here with it showing up if people will see it or not, so I started a new thread just incase nobody can as Im very interested in seeing the connections

udx'd Lupus but Dr say thats what it is, but I see Rheumie March 5..Now my son 11 has been showing some of the same symptoms as me, weakness, joint aches, loe grade fever, definite butterfly rash,..Now today I was reading about sntistreptolysin o test his dr. ordered his came back 132 with ref range of 0.0-200 so its good but in my search I came acrossSydenhams chorea, now at 8 my son had a high fever for 2 weeks, dr's didnt know why ,directly after that he developed his first tic it was an eye twitch , after a year he was diagnosed by a Neuro with Tourettes syndrome, he never had a tic in his life until he got that fever, anyway wher im going with this, I came across Chorea associated with SLE , sometimes could be the first sign in young people of SLE.. Im now wondering if his "tourette syndrome" really is just that or maybe it is but caused by SLE to begin with...The Dr did run ANA Titer so well see what they say, but if its anything like me itll be negative ANA with 4+ characteristics of Lupus... Has anyone ever heard of or experienced this chorea with SLE before???
His Dr. did order an ANA titer last week and as of friday she hadnt gotten results yet..Im curious to see, I mean I dont want him to have it but if so I would like the answer he is always not "feeling good" he says and will have low grade fevers for no reason at all actually a lot more than me, pain in his legs that since he was 3 or so ive been massaging them and his feet. His bones are cracking all the time, hes 11 , butterfly rash, he def has a neurological disorder Im also beg to think he may have Raynauds his hands are a lot like mine.. So ill be paying closer attention...