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01-27-2013, 03:44 PM
Hello here I am again asking yet more questions. I am a bit concerned with this new symptom. I am starting my 3rd week of 1000mg of cellcept. Tomorrow is my second blood check so maybe it will shed light maybe not suppose to have an increase tomorrow as well. Early last week started feeling as if I have the shakes. Almost over caffeinated or low blood sugar like I need to eat. Eating does not cure it. Today at work I had an episode I was major light headed and I couldn't focus real well. I had to sit down thought I was gonna pass out. The dizziness has passed today but I'm still jittery and shaky inside. I will certainly be asking about this tomorrow but until then do you think could it be the cellcept? I am not sure if its related but also have not been sleeping well. I was up at 230 am yesterday. Thanks so much.

01-28-2013, 12:16 AM
YES I know exactly what your going through, I get that shaky buzzing feeling(best way I can explain it) all the time especially when I first started on cellcept. Cellcept is a pretty tough drug so there are a lot of side affects that come with it, but always ask about it because it could be something else too. I only take them at night now because then I can't make it through the day with that feeling but I have also gotten a lot more used to them so the side affects are not nearly as bad as from the beginning. All I did was sit down and if i'm desperate a muscle relaxer, but like I said ask about it because your doctor would know more.

01-29-2013, 06:07 AM
Hi Mica, thanks for the reply. I am pretty sure it's related to my blood pressure. I have been checking it periodically at home per the kidney Dr. I have always had borderline high and through out the years off and on blood pressure meds. My last visit to the kidney Dr he wanted to add lisinapril but I kinda whined about it. It was pretty high in the clinic. But the last few visits just borderline. Well taking it at home the average is 138/94. Yesterday I had it checked when I went for my blood draw it was 140/100. A upon waking this morning 129/88. That was right out of bed. Also woke to a raging headache. Fun. I fully expected a call form my reumy yesterday to go over the blood work and was going to talk to her then. Well she never called so I will call when they open this morning. Cellcept can increase blood pressure and with mine already being borderline I think the cellcept is pushing it over the top. So here we go again with take this med for this but since that med causes this then you need to take that pill to fix the symptom lol. Again thanks for the reply "support". Hope your day is well.