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01-22-2013, 03:28 PM
Hi there, i have just been through about eight weeks of infections, one after the other. It started off with a sickness bug. I had it for about a week and then it went, but reoccured again for another week. Then sadly i went down with a chest infection which i ended up having three weeks of antibiotics for. I just started to feel a little better from the infections and within a few days i was back down again and ended up with Pneumonia. I have been clear of the Pneumonia for around about a week now. But i feel absolutely exhausted and i have been sleeping so much. Two days ago everything came to a head because i had been already having trouble with my circulation and when ever i had been sitting for a little while or laying down for a little while, i would really struggle with getting up. I have seen my Rhuemy who recommends me wearing warm socks to help with the circulation. He also gave me a huge dose of a slow release steroid, which i know takes a couple of weeks to get into the system. I am also on injections which is Methotrexate which i give to myself at home. Talking of the wearing the socks, alot of the time i get hot anyway, so putting the socks on gets unbearable. But if you know what its like when you have Raynauds and Lupus, we can be hot or freezing cold. It just doesnt make sense. The other evening my husband asked me how i was, and i made a joke as we do when things get tough, as it makes it all easier to bear at times. But i also joked about making my bed up in the bathroom as i have also now had Irritable Bladder for months now. I am in the process of working my way through the whole lot of meds that can be used for Irritable Bladder in the hope i might get the right one for me, hehe. My body doesnt work that well with meds anyway, as i have a thing called Malabsortion on top, so i dont absorb everything which i take in. So its a catch 22 situation. Everything has started to get on top of me lately. I just hope and pray for a good day soon. If anyone else has been through similar who would just like to chat, i would love to hear from you, kind regards Astrid40

01-23-2013, 12:19 PM
I completely understand, I usually don't ever let a bug get bad enough for me to get an chest infection. Because of how easy it is for things like that to escalate quickly for us I usually just go to my primary doctor or call and he will send me some antibiotics. I like him he really is an awesome doctor too bad he wasn't my rheumy. Any who I get weird infections, of course I get a lot of ear infections because my rash likes to go to my ears and it always gets infected. I get horrible in grown toe nails and that caused an infection in my big toe. I recently busted my lip in my sleep, I'm still not sure what happened but it did and it got infected. I just realized my primary must make fun of me because I come in for the weirdest stuff. I think I went in like twice in like 7 years for a bug but it's been mostly stuff like my toe.
Sorry I got off topic but I know the sicker I am the hotter my feet feel mostly because they are all swollen and stuff. I am like you though I always joke when a situation is bad, thats why I a lot of my friends and stuff never knew how bad things got with my disease because it was easier to make fun of it. I mean what else can you do really, I don't like brooding about something I can't change.
Another funny story so like you I have the bladder of an excited squirrel so if i'm really sleepy I fall asleep on the toilet a lot, usually for like 10 minutes or so. It was only funny when my sister was knocking on the bathroom door because she was worried about me, which woke me up, apparently an two hour nap in the bathroom worries people. ^^ no worries you will get better soon and laugh about those things.

01-23-2013, 01:09 PM
I feel like this too.I want to move all day as I am afraid that if I stay too long in one position I might start to grow mold or something :).I caught shingles twice last year in less than 8 months.Not in the same place either.

Mica-I too have also fallen asleep on the toilet slumped over like a marionette that lost its strings waiting because if I sit there for about 3 minutes I can totally pee again even though I just went.I was actually surprised I slept as well as I did on the toilet considering that I often cant sleep in bed :)

Be well to you both