View Full Version : Oral Sores and Loss of Hair!?!

06-18-2006, 10:44 AM
hey there! Me again, I've lately been coming up with bouts of oral sores in my mouth only when i am in a flare up, i was wondering if anyone else has this as well? They are kind of painful depending upon where they are... and i was wondering if anyone has a med for that? like a gel i think it is?...
As well I've been losing some hair, now when i shower i can literally RIP my hair out without pulling on it.. it's hair to explain but when i wash my hair i end up with quite a bit of hair in my hands.. this has never happened before, my mother says "it's just your hair thinning itself cause it's summer" but i don't really beleive that's it since it has never done that before and i don't think it's normal to lose that much hair.. i condition it alot and even in my brush there's a lot of hair but there's no tangles to have to get through.. does anyone have this problem as well!?!?!

Thanks in advance, -Bianca-

06-19-2006, 04:48 AM
hi, i've had lupus for the past ten years now.
I also had some strange hair loss when it started. same symptoms as you!!
hair falling out when i wash it etc.
not sure what it was though, but that was only when lupus started!!

However, a couple of months later (think about 4 ) it all just stopped, and my hair started growing normally again :) and ever since :)

06-19-2006, 09:36 AM
Hi Morpheus:
I, too, suffered from oral ulcers and hair loss (I could actually see the follicles of my hair when it was falling out). My doctor told me that the hair loss was due, in part, to lesions on my scalp. I was actually bald in three areas on my scalp. As a woman, that was very traumatizing for me!
The oral ulcers prevented me from eating because I had so many of them.
It was not until I was prescribed plaquenil that the ulcers began to heal. My hair never grew back the same, but it did eventually grow back. The oral ulcers responded rather quickly to the plaquenil. but the ulcers/lesions on my hands and feet took a long time to heal.
The oral ulcers and hair loss are a symptom of Lupus and are not uncommon. They can be treated and the hair will grow back.


06-19-2006, 11:22 AM
Hi Bianca -

I was diagnosed just about 2 months ago. This morning for the first time, I noticed major hair coming out during my shower. So much I clogged the drain. It sounds like this isn't uncommon. :( Every day a new symptom seems to show up. :(

Susy, was there a specific treatment for the hair loss, or just plaquenil?

I hope it doesn't last!

06-20-2006, 10:30 AM
thank you for your replies! It helps a lot. I went to see my doctor yesterday and I forgot to remind her of my hair loss because there was so much else to tell her about. I should have written it down. Although i am trying to stay off of steroid meds she gave me a gel-like tube to put on my ulcers when i am in a flair up. I'm on Celebrex now too. Is anyone else on that? or tried that? i don't want to gain weight and non-steroidal drugs will help with that. Thanks again! bye! -Bianca-