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01-03-2013, 01:59 PM
Ok, this chick is really testing my resolve to keep on track with my positive project. I have a coworker that I've known for years before we started working together and she's always been a pain in the neck! Now that we are working together it is a million cajillion times worse! She's constantly trying to get me into trouble and each and every single time it backfires on her but she keeps on trying! She's unstoppable!! Talking to her is useless as she lies and denies everything. The boss barely backs up his computer much less his employees so he is super useless. Other coworkers have even confronted her on my behalf (awwww, thanks guys!) and to no avail. She's unbelievable! She's got it out for me and that's all there is to it. I'm the Office Manager. I don't answer to her but there are several situations when she has to answer to me, that's just how it works. I don't treat her disrespectfully. What I try to do is ignore her. Rather hard to do when every time I turn around she's plotting my demise. I can't trust her. She'll behave herself for a day or 2 then she's right back at it. She's extremely nosy!! She'll ask a personal question and even after I politely tell her I don't want to talk about it she'll say "yeah, but.." then ask the question AGAIN and again until I walk away. I've even STRONGLY told her to mind her own business after subtlty did not work, and.... you got it- she STILL kept going.


01-03-2013, 04:46 PM
That's not a good situation,

I used to have a probationary period of 3 months for all new employees. It's a common policy with most employers. The new hire was under close scrutiny for the specified time period to see if they are honest, reliable, and able to work with their fellow employees. If a manager came to me with problems like you are talking about, or if I witnessed them myself, the new hire would be warned that they need to stop this disruptive and unproductive behavior immediately, or risk being fired. It's a good way early in the game to either correct a problem employee who does show potential, or get rid of them if they refuse to adapt.

Does your company have such a policy? If you went to your boss, and told him/her that this new employee is demonstrating gross insubordination towards the Office Manager (you), and that diciplinary action should be taken, perhaps your boss would take action. One thing the boss/business owner does not want to hear about is losing money. This problem employee's actions have a detrimental effect on productivity, and it's costing your boss money. People like this disrupt workflow and can have a terrible impact on overall employee morale-all of which ends up harming productivity and costing money in the end.

Maybe if you framed the conversation in terms of dollars lost, your boss would be more inclined to take the appropriate action as well as back you up on this.

I hope you find a solution.


01-03-2013, 06:03 PM
Rob said it all. Most companies have this policy. Talk to the head guy and find out what is what. You shouldn't have to put up with this.

Hugs my friend