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12-28-2012, 10:34 PM
So on I know this is a bit late but on Christmas I made my twin sister cry. NOT it a bad way. Like literally I could count the number of times I have seen her cry on one hand and I think half of those were because she was in trouble as a kid.
So I have to explain this story first. In the 80's my mother made this Westrim beaded christmas tree. You bead the wire and the kit came with all the stuff you needed plus a glass display dome. Now my mom isn't dead yet but we have always had an understanding of who got what, it isn't a lot. She got a bunch of very old expensive furniture and some of her diamonds, that doesnt bother me really because i know she is more stable than I am and will use the furniture. All I ever wanted was this lamp that was my mothers childhood lamp that is older than she is and that Christmas tree. So the tree was the only thing we clashed on so my mom goes on ebay to see if they still have them and man these things were running at least 100-300 dollars and they went in hours. I was like we can't afford that so I get the crazy idea to go off of some very vague instructions I found online and made my own. I will post a pic eventually because I was the queen of pinterest when I finished it. So this tree used like a thousand or so seed beads and took my roughly 40+ hours alone on beading the wire for the limbs, 10 inches tall 6 inches wide. I even got it in a display dome like my mothers.
I had wrapped all the decorations(I mostly made) and the little toys and stuff for under the tree. Because that was our favorite part every year was to decorate the tree. She gets half way through and she is so confused her face is priceless by this point and this whole time we had this tree on the entertainment center not 4 feet from us. So she's like okay a little bicycle(from the dollhouse miniature), tiny LED lights, a cat figurine, more various things and it wasn't until she got to the tiny metal train set she figured it out. She looked up and was said "are you for real?" and "you really did that?" then she started crying because and I quote "I love it more that you made it because you know how much I wanted it." We had to explain to her confused long term boyfriend why she was so happy. I am the Queen of Christmas gifts. Also for my mom she was wanting a bench to go at the end of her bed but she never found one she liked or they were just outrageous on price....so I made one. I got a sturdy wood bench from the antique store my sister works at who was able to get it for me cheaper. I sanded it and painted it white, had to paint it twice because I was too close and the spray paint dripped. Then I added a foam pad on top and covered it with fabric. Will post picture of that eventually. Though my sister said something to her boyfriend that was so true, see I told you she was good can you image what she could do if she was normal(aka healthy). Its true! I love working with my hands, like wood work and whenever I feel better i'm going to take soldering classes so I can make my own metal pendants.

12-29-2012, 02:18 AM
What a beautiful story, thank you and a belated Merry Christmas

12-29-2012, 05:52 AM
"in the true spirit of christmas ........."

thank you for sharing.

12-31-2012, 05:21 PM
What a sweet story! You must be a very talented and artistic young lady.
I would love to see some of your creations.

01-01-2013, 06:12 PM
thank you for sharing such a beautiful story. Truly inspirational.

Peace andBlessings