View Full Version : Good news for Mtx users!!!!

12-18-2012, 08:18 PM
I was talking to my Rheum today (regular quarterly checkup), and he said that some research just came out very recently that indicated that people with autoimmune/rheumatic diseases who are on Mtx have longer life expectancy than those who are not! I was asking him about whether taking all this toxic stuff would affect my life expectancy, and he said no - in fact, the opposite seems to be true.

Apparently it was a HUGE study over a long period of time. He spends half his time as a clinician and half as a researcher, so he's always up on all the recent stuff and he reads all the journals, etc - plus he's great to talk to. Very smart guy.

They believe that keeping the systemic inflammation down results in fewer cancers, less heart disease, etc. as well as stopping/slowing the progression of the primary diseases themselves.

He said there were similar results for folks on Enbrel, CellCept, Humera, etc - I forget the specific ones he listed, but in any case, it's good news!

The Mtx has sure helped me, but I have been very concerned about the long-term effects. Now I am not so worried.

12-19-2012, 03:37 PM
I needed to hear this today!!! I had gotten to the point where the MYX didn't bother me at all but now that the AI collitis is hitting so bad (I have to go get checked for Chrone's), MTX day is HARD (and it is today). Thanks so much for sharing!