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11-27-2012, 07:55 PM
Hey guys, I'm a newbie... I've had some funky stuff going on for quite some time and my GP suspects lupus... I won't get to see a rheumatologist util 12/18, so I was hoping for a little piece of mind and perhaps some explaining of how lupus is diagnosed. My primary question is, I know the list of criteria where 4/11 must be met... but is there any specification on the span of time between the symptoms on that list? Some occurred concurrently, some occurred singly and months/years apart. The only really consistent thing is extreme fatigue and very frequent joint/muscle pain/swelling/cramps. Usually, I would see a GP and by the time I got in to see a specialist a month or so later, the symptoms would be gone... or the specialist would find something weird, and could find no apparent cause. I was moving around a lot for college, graduate school, etc and never saw one physician consistently.

I had:
-High protein and blood count in urine, concurrent with high blood pressure and very dark urine
-slightly compromised kidney function (I don't recall how they determined this, it was about ten years ago)
-chronic infections
-severe stomach ulcers with no h.pylori or nsaid use
-pleurisy several times, ranging in severity
-pericarditis twice in the last couple of years
-irregular heartbeat and HR during pericarditis... no cause found, now have normal EKG and HR
-anemia on and off with no other changes in diet or anything
-very low neutrophils and high leukocytes
-joint swelling/redness
-skin rashes, though not on face
-sores in my nose, though not my mouth

forgot to mention Reynaud's...

I suppose my questions are.... what are the chances all of these things are related? Am I crazy for being worried about lupus? I really appreciate any info, I'm just unclear/nervous about the diagnosis process.

11-27-2012, 08:11 PM
the list of lupus criteria, is supposed to be used as a check list.

once you have a particular ailment.....check it off.
look for the next one.

quite a few doctors do not understand this idea, they want to see all of the ailments at once.
the origional idea behind this list, was because the creators knew that symptoms are rarely seen all at the same time.

we the "uneducated", know this from personal experience.
the "educated" doctors only know about lupus from books.
sometimes they forget to pull there head out of the book and look at real people.

Lupus effects many people differently.
basically it is your immune system in overdrive.
your immune system can decide to attack any part of your body.
therefore all of your list of complications could be from any auto immune disorder.

there is actually 63 auto immune disorders.
there is no test to confirm most of these.
doctors carry out tests, to rule out disorders.
then they are supposed to diagnose from symptoms after that.

guess work is still required, to get a final diagnosis.
so the list of symptoms you give the doctor is important.
do not leave anything out.
but make the information about each item short.
it is important that you had an ailment. it is not important to know every detail about every ailment.

as i said in your other post.
please read a few of our older posts.
use the search option to find information that you are looking for.
we are hear to help.