View Full Version : its moving time

11-27-2012, 04:57 PM
well we are packing up to move to hervey bay queensland. mikaela will be starting back to school next year doing year 12 . no more homeschooling. forgot just how draining packing and moving is. but will be glad when it is finished. spending christmas and new year in sydney then going to queensland in new year. can np longer homeschool mikaela it is becoming to much on me but we have found a good school so she should enjoy her last year of school. bit worried about stephen he is having twitching in both his arms. and having trouble swallowing his food he keeps on choking on it. looks like more tests for him. well that is my news for now . have a wonderful day all of my friends hugs kim

11-27-2012, 07:48 PM
glad things are looking up.
the change should be good for all of you.

keep us all updated with stephen. (concerning news)

11-28-2012, 01:11 AM
I know that you will be so glad to be in your new place. I am happy that it is happening now and that things will be so much better once it is done.

Best of luck to you1

Peace and Blessings