View Full Version : my daughter mikaela may have thyroid disease

11-19-2012, 01:35 AM
she found lump in her neck. and panicked. so i took her to gp she ordered blood tests and ultrasound on thyroid today she has colloid cyst in middle left lobe . i do not know what this is so i am panicking. i have thyroid disease and her having it worries me she has really big lump in throat she says it is hard to swallow. bloods will not be back for a few days. she has had heart racing . sweating. heavy menstrual cycle. i thought that her heart racing was her having her normal panic attacks but now i am not so sure. it just seems to be one thing after another. i am so worried i have given her this to. and am also worried that this could be just the beginning that she will also develop lupus. she was on the borderline last time she was checked she could go either way. that would mean i have passed on these diseases to both my daughters.i feel such terrible guilt. we were finely making plans to move and change our life. has anyone had a colloid cyst like this one. i would apreciate any help or advice anyone could give me . i just need to vent and get the support of my lupus family. thankyou all for listening.

11-19-2012, 04:31 AM
Kim my friend, take one step at a time. It sounds like what happened with me. It seems like it's a benign lump, but they can make it hard to swallow or breathe. The doctors usually sort this out and take care of it quickly.

Do not blame yourself. I was told it was more environmental than genetic.

Good thoughts, calming thoughts are being sent your way.

11-19-2012, 05:35 AM
Hashimoto's could explain all of her symptoms.

Keep making your plans to move, Kim. Keep looking ahead.

11-19-2012, 06:57 AM

If it is Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroiditis) that she has, it could end up being easily manageable, so you two should try not to panic yet. When I was younger, I developed a large lump in my throat that made it hard to swallow and was just darn uncomfortable. I went to a doctor, and she diagnosed me with Hashimoto's (at the time my thyroid levels were very low and I had very high thyroid antibodies). I have taken Synthroid ever since, and I have never had other problems from my thyroid disease. I just take a pill every morning, simple as that. So, even if she does have thyroid disease, it doesn't mean it will be that big of a deal in her life. It can be managed well!

Regarding passing things on to your daughters, I seriously wouldn't dwell on that. Most scientists seem to think autoimmune disease is a mix of genetic and environmental factors. So, they can be more common in some families that may have a genetic predisposition, but it's not like you have directly passed on a genetic disease. My parents gave me my genetics that may have contributed to my diseases, but I'd still rather have the life I've had than never have lived at all!

11-19-2012, 05:33 PM
Sounds like a "hot spot" on the thyroid. It might be a benign follicular adenoma (bunch of cells) that are producing thyroid hormones, making your daughter's heart race. There are several treatment methods, dependant upon what the docs find, and how you folks want to handle it. I've had nodules off and on over the years, but mine have always been "cold", and go away on their own. The hot nodules show up on ct scans, while the cold ones are seen with the sonar stuff...

As for feeling guilty about giving your kids something - don't... well, look at my kids... they look like me... thankfully, they have their mother's personality & demeanor. It can't be helped what they get. Besides, it might your husband that "gave" it to her... |;^)

11-21-2012, 04:13 PM
I hope that her thyroid problem is like Derrie's - easily controlled.
Hang in there - I hope that things get better for you when you move.

11-21-2012, 04:19 PM
Worrying about our kids is the most horrible feeling in the world...but what a blessing that your daughter has a mom who is concerned, involved, and educated about these things!!! Everybody has problems of one sort or another...she's got an enormous head start on handling them (whatever they are) with you in her corner. :-)