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10-23-2012, 10:11 AM
My name is Bless.I found out about my lupus when I was 18.and my life changed because of it.I felt like lupus took all my dreams away.But I became stronger.I always try to stay positive.But now,it's making me weak and depressed.I feel like my life is never normal.I'm trying to be independent but my lupus seem to always stop me from doing what I want.I also feel no one can rally understand me and no man can accept me because of my condition.That's why I looked for a site for people with lupus.That's why I'm here.I hope to meet people here who can make me feel understood and accpeted.

10-23-2012, 11:00 AM
Hi bless,

Welcome to WHL.
You DID come to right place for understanding, because we do understand. We are all in the same boat.
I am very sorry, that you are feeling depressed. Don't ever think you won't find a man, because you have Lupus. May I ask how old you are? We have alot of young people here and most of them have boyfriends or husbands. The right one will come along and he won't care, that you have Lupus.
How long have you had Lupus and what kind of meds are you on?
We will be here for you. If you like, tell us a little about you.
I am looking foreward to get to know you better. Hugs


10-23-2012, 11:03 AM
Hello and welcome to our family :-)
I know that this disease can be a life-changing one. Most of us who suffer from Lupus have had to make some major changes in our lives in order to find new ways to be productive and happy while living with this disease. Yes, it can be very difficult and there are times when we start to feel hopeless. But, the thing to remember is that your life has merely changed..it has not ended!
Yes, you will have to adjust your activities in order to avoid fatigue or to recover from fatigue; in order to avoid a flare-up; and in order to get an appropriate amount of rest. Yes, you will have to give up some things that you once did that may have brought you joy. But, there are still so many things that you can do that can bring an equal amount of joy..even if it is something as small as bringing a bit of comfort to someone else who is suffering.
Many of us have found new hobbies/activities that we love doing and that, had we not had to adjust our lives due to this disease, we would have never even thought about participating in these things.
We truly do understand how this disease can make you feel unwanted and how you can believe that there may be no one who wants to take you on with a disease that needs so much understanding, care taking, and time! However, you will be surprised by how many of us have actually found just that person. So, do not believe that they don't exist because they do. Right now, somewhere, someone is thinking fondly of you and is willing to be your friend and/or significant other because of who you are, not what you have. Point in fact - everyone here is willing to be someone who cares about you, who is willing to be here for you, willing to comfort you, and to provide you with some answers that you may need.
I am glad that you found us and that you decided to join our family. We are here to help you in any way that we can. Again.....welcome

Peace and Blessings

10-23-2012, 02:24 PM
Hey there bless! Welcome to WHL!

10-24-2012, 09:22 AM
Hello Debbie,

I would like to thank you for your reply.I really appreciate it so much.

I am 29 now and I will be 30 this October 26.I never felt so alone in my life because my sisters were always at my side.But now they both have a family of their own,so I feel so alone now.I tried to get into a relationship but it ddn't work out.I think men can't accept me because of my condition.Right now I am just taking 5 mg prednisone and my condition is almost normal except that i am having insomnia lately.I'm physically fine but I'm sad.But maybe this site will help me with wht I'm going through right now.


10-24-2012, 09:28 AM
Hi Saysusie,

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.I will try to think positively.I am just feeling sad because I think no one understands me.But now that I'm on this site,I thnk I will feel fine.

Take care!


10-24-2012, 09:29 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome!^^

10-24-2012, 10:05 PM
hi bless, and welcome.

there are people on this site from all over the world.
we also come from many different races and religions.

the one thing that binds us is our health.
we has lupus, or know someone who has lupus.

i came here just over a year ago, because i too needed help.
that has not changes..... i still need the support of this place.
but now i am lucky enough to be part of the support system.

we call this place our cyber family........
because we care for each other like a family member......
so welcome sister.

please read a few of the older posts they are our personal experiences with lupus.

10-24-2012, 11:48 PM
hi bless and welcome to whl i have lupus and my daughter who is 24 discovered she had it last year. yes it makes you change but you learn to adjust. if you are upfront and honest about your disease you will find someone. there is still so much you can do . we go camping and fishing and swimming. and we still do lots of other activities we just learn to pace ourselves. we are here to help as much as possible. when your happy when your sad and even when your angry. you now have a cyber family who will be here for you big hugs kim l