View Full Version : HELP...Is this a new type of flare??

09-20-2012, 10:48 AM
Hello one and all, some of u know me some of u dont.

I have been super ill since the w/e and i need some advice from fellow lupies as the drs dont know what is going on with my lupus atm.

Friday i went to see my GP with an infected cyst (im prone to them so no biggie) he put me on penicillin for a weeks course, that cleared up fine and dandy until.....i started getting an allergic reaction from taking this....i could not breath.

Early hours of sunday morning, i laid down to sleep and got shooting pains in my shoulder blade and chest i was screaming in so much pain, i could barely breath, i was rushed to A&E and it turned out to be a tear in muscle in shoulder blade, i was then very promptly put on a nebuliser for my breathing.

Saturday i had the worst migraine i have ever experienced, usually i get them on left side above the eye and although they are extreamly painful i can manage them fine and does not stop my dailey routines, this one was all over my head i could not get any comfort from anything i tried even migraine tablets did not work, (it did not make me vom tho thankfully) i could not focus or look at anything for a long time i simply could not funtion, tht disapeared on wednesday but i still wake up with one accross my forehead but nothing like i did, and my whole head is very tender to the touch!.

Monday i went out and had another asthma attack thankfully came prepeared this time so managed to control it, i am still really short breathed and i can walk but i have to do it at snail pace.

Since alll this happpend ive been feeling so cold (yet no high or low temp) i am feeling it to the bone its soo bad i refuse to go out my dips of nails turn blue and toes white, i do have Raynauds but would this be the cause? the local weather temp has not dragistically changed or anything but as soon as sun goes down i feel like ive been thrown into ice cold water, nothing warms me up.

Also i have been soo thristy, i mean gagging for a drink soo bad all day long my mouth just goes so dry it feels like im gonna vom.
Right thats all of it, ive put it down, someone please give me an answer the drs cant


09-20-2012, 02:51 PM
Was the anti-biotic levoquin, by chance?...

They think my first "reaction" was from levoquin. I missed 5 weeks of work in all from the resultant asthma exascerbation I had. Not fun. Only problem, they can't say "it was the levoquin", nor can they say "it's the lupus"... Either way, it ain't fun. Wishing you well, and some *answers*!!! Prayin' fer ya.

09-20-2012, 09:13 PM
ISDM! It is good to see you here again!
I agree with Jmail - I wonder if the reaction to the antibiotic set off a flare?

I have the problems with the cold, too. As soon as the sun goes down, I put on my housecoat and fuzzy socks. It's night here right now, and it is 57 degrees, but I'm bundled up on the couch. My toes are usually a lovely shade of purple when I go to bed.

I also have the dryness problems and the thirst, courtesy of the Sjogren's. I take Pilocarpine, which does help with making more saliva. You might want to ask your doc about it. It is very mild, but does help. LOL - once my hubby accidentally took one, and he drooled for a couple of hours! It was fun to watch.

Keep coming back - you've been missed!

09-21-2012, 01:07 PM
Hi ISDM, nice to hear from you again.
The white toes sound like Raynauds and the thirst and dry mouth like Sjogrens.
It could have all been started by the antibiotics, they may have thrown you into a flare.
I also have Sjogrens, but it is only really bad, when I am in a flare.
Can you get some new bloodwork done? I hope, that you feel better real soon.