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09-11-2012, 01:46 PM
For years I have suffered with the on again/off again diagnosis of Lupus. I have every symptom but the ANA score. My pain was/is enormous due to my additional condition of fibro so they gave me every drug known to mankind. Well, apparently psychosis is also a part of Lupus and I found out first hand about three weeks ago. I just can't deal with the details now but the break with reality was the worst thing I'd ever been through. They detoxed my drugs in about 48 hours - Hell would've been gentler. Now that I'm off all of the meds (except a couple of absolute necessary survival meds, my ANA score is way up there. Soon I will be having a liver biopsy. My bladder shut down. My neurological system is a joke. Four years ago I went to Cleveland Clinic and said something was very wrong. I got a pat on the head and a scoot on the butt. Don't bother us kid, you have fibro!

Please friends, if you know something is wrong, push, push, push. I have five Dr.'s appts in the next two weeks -- all specialists and you can never get into a specialist in a week. Am I scared? Yes. Am I mad - oh you betcha! My primary Dr. did try to help but all he knew to do was throw drugs at me. I will stick with my story that the best I felt was on Cellcept but my first Rheum took me off just as it was starting to work.

These are our bodies!!! Please don't go through what I went through. Do the research and find the Dr.

And by the way, on a more pleasant note, I made peace with my Reynauds! I feel that my new "Snow White" look has it's own kind of beauty and I am often told that my skin never looked so good! I just have to slather myself in SPF 100 or I shut down like a baked flower!

Take care all. I hope any new folks will please heed my warning. God bless.

09-11-2012, 04:50 PM
I just saw the posting on mental illness and saw many of my old posts. My memory is SO poor that I forgot all of those hallucinations. Psychosis doesn't seem like such a far reach now.

09-13-2012, 04:19 PM
Wishing you the best with the doctor marathon, serand4. Be sure and take your notes. I have a two page thingie that I take with me to all my appointments that has my medical history on it (my version), my current & past meds, supplements, surgeries, and current doctors' addresses, etc... I almost slipped into psychosis from thyroid issues from a doc that was eventually more concerned with getting a squeeze from the nurse than he was in caring for his patients. People were very worried about me and my mental state. Proper medical treatment (drugs or not) is important. While we have to trust the doc, they have to earn the trust, and I'm more apt to question mine now, and I'm not shy about getting 2nd opinions anymore. My insurance pays for that, which is good, though I'm now in a "network".