View Full Version : Malar rash - comes and goes or permanent?

08-18-2012, 08:04 AM
Still no answers to what ails me. I've been to rheum 2x, ENT 3x, derm 1x and PCP more times than I can count. Test results are always either just fine or borderline - they ebb and flow. And of course, by the time I even get in for an appt with a specialist, the particular symptom I am going to see them about has disappeared. So as these symptoms pop up, I see the doc I work for. Since he is not my treating physician he only gives me suggestions.

One thing that comes and goes is the rash across my face - cheeks and bridge of my nose. It's not there all of the time, but it is consistent, esp when I come in from being outside. I do eat my lunch outside in my car just to get out of the clinic for a time. Doc and co-worker notice the rash every time. But when I see rheum or PCP, it's not there. I also have some heavy duty scalp psoriasis and I do get rashes on other parts of my body (esp. hands and insides of elbows). These other rashes are not psoriatic in nature and they also come and go. Often they turn into raised welts. I guess my long winded Q would be: those who have a malar rash, is it perm or not? I'm sure the sun affects, but I sit in a car with tinted windows so why would I even get this? And when I do have it, it presents as a classic butterfly rash.

Honestly, I am ready to just call everything stress related, quit my job and move to Mayberry.

08-18-2012, 10:40 AM
Hi Manderson,

The malar rash is a weird thing. I have what is a pretty clear cut case of Lupus if there ever was one, yet I have never had the telltale rash on my face, not even once.

I do get a bad rash from both UV, and heat exposure, but for me it's under my arms, and on the fronts of my thighs. The areas it shows up in are surprisingly consistent, much like yours, just in a different place for me.

Of course, stress will give me a flare with rash everytime. Moving to Mayberry sounds like a good plan!


PS-Do you know what the UV Rating is on the window tint? It may not be eliminating enough UV to make a difference.

08-18-2012, 12:20 PM
Rob made a good point about the tinting. In Texas the allowed level of tint is not high enough to block out harmful UV rays so I always have to wear sunscreen when I leave the house. You might want to try that before your lunches