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08-02-2012, 02:00 PM
Hi everyone!!!!! Well, over the last three weeks I have been battling a lung infection that has exasperated my asthma and to top it all of lets just add a sinus infection in there for fun!!! I have been on two different antibiotics at separate times and steroids for a month. So, the doctor has decided to combine the two antibiotics and increase the steroids use by 20mg to see if we can kick their booties out of my system!!!!

I know I had posted about my appointments with Mayo. All blood work has come in and I failed my pee test! The blood work shows elevated platelets, sed rate, deficiency in vitamin d (and let me remind you I live in the city they cal The Valley of the Sun), deficiency in calcium, some issues with other counts but the newest one is a positive P-ANCA. Tomorrow I head in for a six hour neurological test and finally Monday I will meet with the rheumatologist at Mayo to figure out what everything means. My internest seems to think with all of the other symptoms I have had over the last year that we may be dealing with systemic vasculitis. I swear it feels like Christmas everyday because these new things pop up, hehehehehehe!!!!!

So the next few days will be important and I just wanted to keep you posted. I will let you know how tomorrow goes and what we find out on Monday. One question......has anyone had a kidney biopsy or a lung biopsy??? We may need to do them depending on what we find out.

Thank you all so much for your unconditional love and support!!!!!!

08-03-2012, 11:30 AM
Say Danica, do you do symbicort or similar for your asthma? I'd always just done a "Eh, so I've got asthma. What of it?" I didn't realize how much it contributed to my issues. I was constantly doing urti that would almost immediately go into bronchitis or a pneumonia. I haven't done that now in 6 months (so now I react to some med or something... lol) - knock on the noggin for wood. Hope your day trip to the clinic gets things accomplished AND you get some answers and resolutions...

I thought I was gonna get a liver biopsy, but if we do anything, it'd be an ultrasound first, but from what I understand, most of them are done by inserting a needle through your skin (flouroscope guidance??), usually under the rib cage, but not always, into the liver, similar to a shot, but with a bigger needle, and they suck stuff out. They do observe you afterwards for a time. Needles smeedles beedles. Hey, weren't they a famous band back in like the sixties or somethin'? Kidneys, I haven't a clue. Skin & muscle, those can "interesting", dependant upon the place taken, and the purpose...

08-04-2012, 09:01 AM
For my asthma we tried just the occasional inhealers at first. The didn't seem to keep in under control so I have been on theopholine for a few years. It is an old oral medication that you take. You have to be monitored often for the levels in your system. I still have to use advair an occasional albuteral and then when I am really sick I have a breathing treatment machine here at home. I thought asthma was just its own little issue I developed later in life and I had no idea how much of an indicator this issue is! I meet with the doctor Monday now to go over everything. When I see her I will have been on antibiotics for over a month and over a month of antibiotics so she will get a huge picture of what life usually is like for me. My better half Tim and I calculated and realized the first week in September marks the moment where I started getting really sick and over the last year I may have been off medication for lung and sinus issues maybe four weeks the ENTIRE year! I am ready for answers and I am ready to feel well enough to enjoy my life:-) I will keep you posted on all of it!!!!!

They were saying the lung biopsy will require a tube to be inserted into the lung for a few days so that it does not collapse after the procedure. I will have to stay in the hospital for a day or so and the same for the kidney.......I am going to tell them to do it all at the same time!!!!! While they are sorting around in there they better just finish up everything!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm maybe they were popular or something.......hehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!

08-04-2012, 11:13 AM
*lung* biopsy... my golly, I'm gettin' old... I 'saw' "liver"... good grief... I've got "liver" on my brain 'cause of this shtinking "liver rash" reaction I'm doing. sorry 'bout that. A lung biopsy technique is def diff from a liver one... Wishing you well with it.

08-04-2012, 12:25 PM
Yikes, good luck on the lung biopsy! That doesn't sound fun at all.

I have a sinus infection going on right now, too. I'm going in on monday and hopefully we can figure out an antibiotic I don't have a reaction to. Fun stuff.

You know, it doesn't seem fair. I think of my lupus as a bunch of those little green army guys charging around attacking various parts of my body. Why don't they go after the stupid infections?!?! Leave the healthy stuff alone guys! (I think we need a change in command or something)

08-06-2012, 04:59 PM
Hi Danica,
Today is Monday, and I hope that your appointment went well.
I don't remember anyone here describing a lung biopsy, but if you check out the Sjogren's site: http://sjogrensworld.org/forums , a member over there just recently had one and described it. Type Lung Biopsy into the search box and read posts by SASS.
I hope that you get some answers soon.

08-09-2012, 12:50 PM
Thanks love! I will look at the link and just see what it says! I do in and see the pulmonologist on August 20th, rheumatologist again on August 28th and finally the ENT on August 29th. It will be a busy few weeks but hopefully we can get some answers and hopefully I can breath a bit better!!!!! I will keep you posted!