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07-24-2012, 09:02 PM
Hey guys, remember me? Been reading here just about every day...haven't posted since my "intro" though.

Anyway, since about January I've been getting these bumps whenever a part of my body meets a hard surface...at least that's what it seems like. When I sit on a hard chair (think dining room wood chair, no padding on the seat) I end up with what feels like bumps on my rear...same thing where the back of my legs meet the edge of the chair. If I sit in a softer chair it feels like I'm sitting on a couple of golf balls. Also, if I sit with my arms crossed, forearms on the table, I'll end up with a couple of bumps on my forearms about an inch from the elbow and about the circumference of a golf ball in size. I also had an incident where I was pulled off a sofa at a family Christmas party by one of my cousins (don't ask! lol) and I ended up with the same type of bump around my tailbone that I could feel mostly when I lay down...and the "fall" was less than a half foot. With all these bumps, they don't appear until a few hours later and they don't really hurt either and they're usually gone by the next day. Even the bump I got from being pulled off the sofa was gone the next day...and there was no evidence of landing on my tailbone area either, no pain, no bruise, nothing. 10-15 minutes of sitting on a hard chair is enough time to end up with a bump. Anyone got any idea what the deal is? Opinions? I have an appt with my rhuemy coming up in a couple weeks so I plan to ask him about it then.

07-25-2012, 07:38 AM
I have something similar - not bumps, but more like raised rash. Usually on my arms if I have my purse hanging from one of them. And also like you with the forearms on the table.

ETA: no, more like red raised welts. I just got some this morning and was looking closely at them.