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05-26-2006, 04:39 PM
I heard back from my blood tests today. The nurse told me that my arthritis profile came back normal. What is my next step? I still do not feel well. My entire body feels bruised to the touch. I know that all of you have been down this road already. I will be ever grateful for whatever advice you can give me now....Thank you!!!

05-26-2006, 09:58 PM
I get that all the time!!! I'm not exactly sure what it's from... I've been told kidney issues, anemia issues... Or just a fluke Lupus thing... I'm not really sure... But, I sympathize with you whole heartedly... It sucks when your best friend can't give you a tight hug to comfort you without it hurting...

:(:(:(:(:(:(:( I hope you feel better soon!

06-07-2006, 05:27 PM
Hi Meg-I also tested negative for any arthritis, and the doctor explained to me that the bruised, just- been- run-over-by-a-mack-truck-feeling I was experiencing was fibromyalgia. The pain was in my neck (especially around my lymph nodes0, my back(radiating from my spine), under my arms(also around lymph nodes) and my chest and rib areas were extremely sensitive. My arms and legs were fine. It seemed to be confined to my trunk. Maybe this is what you have been experiencing as well? Apparantly fibro is somehow related to all this other crap that is going on. I kind of dismissed the DX at first because it seemed like such a catch-all excuse for things doctors don't understand, but after a little research, I found out just how real it is. Try Googling fibromyalgia and see if anything sounds familiar. Hope this helped a little-get well soon! :D [/img]