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07-07-2012, 04:28 AM
Helllo its Anam from Pakistan.I am a med student,22 and as u can guess i am wondering weather i have lupus or not .So hear me out
1) about 4 years ago i started having itching redness on my face,it would start as an uncomfortable warm itchy feeling ,then become red spot(triple response in med terms) then disappear after a while.It usually happened over my cheek or chin,then later the same year i developed rashes ovr my both cheeks,started out as same red spots over my cheeks,but this time they got really inflamed n sort of waxy too.It was itchy to feel but the inflamation was gone after about 2 weeks.I didn't seek any treatment cuz i was preparing for my entrance exam those days like crazy .Anyways after the inflammation resolved i still had a pinkish hue on my cheeks,like the vessels were visible n the pinkish hue became prominent when i was really hot.So the next year i kept having these off n on redness on face(which will come and go),thinking i had developed some hypersensitivity i kept changing soaps,moisturizers but it got so worse that i started feeling pressure on my cheeks as of edema(really uncomfortable feeling)so finally about 2n half years ago i went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with seabhorric dermatitis .So dandruff was the source of my trouble,but he also asked me questions about joint pains r other systemic illness of which i had none because of the butterfly type redness on my cheeks (my nose doesn't have redness though).I used theantifungal shampoo and it really helped with the on n off redness spells, but that pinkish hue over my cheeks has stayed.Other than that no other symptom of lupus,no joint pain or mouth sores or anything.
2)In sep last year i had low grade fever 100-101 that would go away with paracetamol,in those days we were having dangue and typhoid epidemic here in Pakistan so my doctor treated me with antibiotics which didn't really work(typhoid test was negative but since i was on antibiotics doc considered it a false negative,blood test was normal) ,my fever went away after 24 days after doctor gave me 2 glucose drips ..This year 1st may i had that similar fever,thought it was typhoid reinfection although i didn't have abdominal pain but since the doc insisted,this time antibiotics again didn't work ,after 25 days i changed doctor.He said i have some sort of pneumonia since i had mild breathlessness and reduced cough reflex(the 1st doc completely missed that)Chest x-ray confirmed pulmonary infiltrates in both upper lung lobes,more prominent on left one.Doctor prescribed me lung specific antibiotic and mild steroid therapy for 10 days ,i recovered.Now i did ask him if he thinks its lupus or other auto immune since it responded to steroids,he says its allergic mediated ,didn't even prescribe me ANA test since he says connective tissues are not involved.He is of opinion that my old september illness was also this and was misdiagnosed.

Other than that as i said before I am fine ,even when i was sick i went to university attended classes,though i didn't attend wards.I never had joint pains no pleuracy,other than the 2 episodes of fever i dont remember being sick for last 5,6 years but this redness on my cheeks scares the hell outa me .I cant rule it out as rosacea since its not common in pakistan.My complexion is fair by local standards but but not rosacea fair.As some of u might've guessed i m a bit hypochondriac .Do u guys think that this redness can be related to lupus n should i seek another doctor n go for ANA testing because i dont want to wory my parents over a false alarm(they get extremely worried).Can this redness be just the result of prolonged inflamation cuz of sebhorric dermatitis which i left untreated for 1 n half years.(permanent dilation of vessels).The doctor i am seeing privately is also a professor of medicine at my university,apart from him being highly qualified this also means i cant go around university seeking other doctor's opinions because i dont want him thinking i doubt his opinion(even though there's good reason that i shouldn't,i cant help doubting it)So u see my options are pretty limited,apart from my very limited medical knowledge n almost no experience (we've only just started ward rotation n are only doing patient history uptill now)i 've nothing at my disposal except internet n my text books n i cant assess myself objectively with my hypochondriac tendencies. So guys plz help me out here.Do i need another doctor.We dont even have rheumatologists here cuz SLE is very uncommon .My family history is pretty clean ,both parents are near 60 mother in perfect health,dad has blood pressure n some mild allergy issues but nothing serious,brother is also healthy.

07-07-2012, 06:37 AM
hi anam,
please take a deep breath and slow down.

if you had dermatitis, and it damaged your skin, it is possible that this is the source of your redness.

low grade fevers can be common with raised antibodies.
if your body is fighting any illness, it is possible that you have a fever from that.

not everyone with lupus, gets the lupus butterfly rash. Also the rash can be a reaction to other things.

if your autoimmune system is over-reactive, then there is usually inflamation of muscles and joints.
this inflamation is usually felt as constant low level pain.
also fatigue is a common complication.

not everyone reacts the same to lupus.
so there is not hard and fast rule.
there is also no definate test.

as a medical student, it would not be abnormal for you to talk to your gp about different procedures.
ask him/her about what blood tests they would use to help eliminate the possability of an auto immune disorder.

also this site can be useful as a resource tool.
we are not doctors, but we have lots of first hand information.
please read a few of the older posts.....
they are our personal experiences with lupus.

07-07-2012, 09:28 AM
Thankyou Steve u 've been really helpful,i've never had muscle pains or joint pains that you mentioned except the occasional soreness after cardio exercise.My doc doesn't think i have anything autoimmune but lupus is called great imitator and that aspect scares me .You know as i said before SLE is pretty rare in Pak with prognosis being extremely dismal and so even the slight possibility is extremely scary.Yes i am going over the forum and believe me i am impressed the way you ppl are dealing with this terrible disease and also helping out others(even the ones with such weak nerves like me).