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07-06-2012, 10:52 PM
So last month my grandparents moved in with my mom and me. They're old with a lot of problems but ive been taking care of them primarily. Anyway on with my story today my mom was helping my grandpa to the bathroom and his boxer ended up ripping off a bed sore or something and was bleeding horribly. Because hes on blood thinners and in pain I had to call an ambulance. My mom totally freaked out and was so stressed about everything going on. So later my mom asked me how I kept so calm with everything. I realized that lupus really helped me deal with situations like that and I just noticed that my mom is horrible with all my medical stuff. I guess when we had like 15 various emergency people in my home it really got to my mom. Thank god my mom let me take full control of my disease from the very beginning she probably would have had a break down. My grandpa is fine, it was mostly just a precautionary. Good thing is now all the sheriffs and EMTs in my county are starting to know me by name now because this wasn't the first time I had to call them for help with him.

07-07-2012, 01:28 PM
Good for you! I agree that having a condition makes us much more empathic and probably better equipped to deal with others who have any kind of condition.
There is also the fact that some folks just aren't cut out to deal with medical emergencies, as you saw with your Mom.
My hubby and I deal with them well (he's volunteered in an ER and I've been a midwife's assistant) and it was a good thing while our son was growing up.
That's why we were able to watch and laugh and joke with the doc while his foot was being stitched up after he cut it down to the bone on a car license plate while riding his bike bare-footed. That was only one of his many ER trips. Other parents might have freaked out while raising that boy!

07-07-2012, 04:04 PM
Hi Mica,

Glad that you kept a cool head.
I have am good in those situations, as well. We had a customer a while back, who had a seizure, unfortunatly she fell to the floor and hit the back of her head very hard and was bleeding profusely. The employees, the manager and the customers were freaking out, but I was cool and shouted out orders, to call 911, I took a roll of papertowels and pressed down on the wound and calmed the lady down, when she woke up.
But boy, after the paramedics came, I started to shake and had to go outside to have a cigarette. The adraneline was powerful.
You are right, the fact, that we are sick, makes us powerful in those kind of situations, because we want to have somebody like us, to take care of us, when we need help.