View Full Version : Cysts in/on fingers?

07-04-2012, 07:22 PM
I usually touch my fingers a lot, my hands are important to me because I do artwork and I usually keep them from getting stiff and painful by messaging them constantly. I felt my left pointer finger this afternoon and I feel this hard mass at the base of my finger(near the palm). It hadn't been there earlier.

At first I thought it was a calcium deposit, because I have a couple on my left wrist, and I was dreading it because I hate calcium deposits.
But I tapped it and it sounded like it was full of liquid.

Are cysts a thing that occurs with Lupus or did it just happen just because?
Anyone else get these at all, even on their feet or arms?

I've never had many hand issues, I actually only use my right hand to type, draw, writing, and such. My left hand is pretty unused due to pain.
It's not really painful, but the constant pressure is annoying and distracting.
And it's actually making the nerves in my hand and arm feel strange, at first I thought it was nothing to worry about but then I realized the cyst is sort of deep and I think it's getting larger. So I figure I'd ask.

My left hand is actually my more painful hand, I'll usually have pain in that wrist specifically most of the time that radiates from the wrist joint to my fingers.
This cyst is like adding insult to injury.
It's very strange.

07-05-2012, 09:58 PM
I've had cysts on both wrists. One was surgically removed and never came back. The one that I've had more recently was just "drained". It's come back a couple of times, but then goes away on its own. They are painful and aggravating.